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October 11


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Beginning to Recover From One Month Nightmare of Health Problems

StephenL Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
I have been away since early September in a hospital for complications that almost lead to a very serious problem that could have ended my life.

Went to a doctor for a visit related to internal problems with digestive system and pain.   I was diagnosed by the doctor with Jaundice and after some tests set up for a GI procedure involving going through my mouth into my stomach and then reaching the gull bladder where some stones were causing problems.
Well the procedure finished, I was sent home, and that night all kinds of problems forced me to return to emergency at the hospital.    Upon entering I went through many different tests: Cat Scans, Ultra Sound, X Rays, and it was discovered that the GI Procedure where they attempted to remove stones lead to internal bleeding in my stomach and intestine areas where the gull bladder resides.   Unfortunately they had removed some stones yet one was lodged inside the bladder blocking and bleeding.    They had to go into a second GI procedure to try and remove the blocking stone and insert a stent to clear some passage of drainage.   I wound up in intensive care where this procedure followed the next day.   After that I spent two weeks in the hospital with daily IVs, protonics, antibiotics, blood thinner, 3 doses of morphine injections all intravenous from a machine.   Daily blood tests were critical leaving my arms looking like a pathetic mess of black and red blotches and needle holes.
My legs got totally swollen up, stomach, and feet.   I could not eat any solid foods for three weeks and lost over 20 lbs. during that time period.    This has been the worst nightmare of my life.   I have heard stories and personal experience with stones and gall bladder yet nothing as complicated as the problems I experienced.

I have recently been out of the hospital over a week now and getting some return to normal life. Still many problems and the future holds another GI procedure where I will have to have the stone and stent removed (hopefully this time with no failing problems) and then gall bladder removal surgery.

All I can say to anyone interested in my writing here, especially young people. watch out with the fatty saturated foods, fried stuff and dairy product high in saturated fats.   These seem to be one reason that stones collect in the bladder.
I personally have regulated my diet to a more healthy form of low fat over the years yet it appears that was not enough.

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Putz1212 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
That sounds awful. Wishing you the best in recovery, dude.
OpalMist Featured By Owner 5 days ago
"intestine areas where the gull bladder resides"

I'd say gallstones are the least of your worries when you've got seagulls lodged up your arse.
SilentArtist08 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Hope you heal quickly and start to feel better!
StephenL Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thanks for the encouragement.

Recovery and healing is a long way off still have to go through another 2nd attempt at a procedure to remove a stone stuck in my gull bladder (hopefully no internal bleeding this time around), and also removal of the temporary passage made with a stent that also has to be removed.   
After this procedure if everything goes well I will then have to go for surgery to have my gull bladder removed.

After all this hopefully the healing and return to normal will take place.
SilentArtist08 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Praying for the best!! Stay strong! ^_^
This too shall pass! :heart:
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