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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Please Read: Covid-19 Moonbeam13
Mar 30, 2020
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Pet Help 16mcintoshm
2d 9h ago
4 16mcintoshm
30m 46s ago
Iím alone and want friends DazzlingKate
20h 51m ago
4 Zaleho
2h 3m ago
Some assholes tried to snitch on me to the cops mashedburgerpatties
1w 2d ago
8 Eluelar
7h 1m ago
Thanks fo the discouragement K0NEE
8h 11m ago
7h 4m ago
What can I do differently in order to find some actual help? Soreiya
Sep 19, 2020
88 da1withdalongestname
8h 49m ago
Tired of being in constant pain .. -.-; eViL-nErD
4d 6h ago
11 MichaelJohnMorris
9h 18m ago
Please help others first ClockworkMultiverse
1d 3h ago
9 TheUnstoppableTaco
9h 34m ago
Worried about the future. Alrazvick
11h 46m ago
8 koikonhea
9h 42m ago
First Relationship Advice clara-01
16h 27m ago
5 saintartaud
10h 15m ago
Someone tell me about online jobs that actually pay, unless they are all fake? dqube
4d 21h ago
31 Yuagin
10h 42m ago
Does anyone just need to talk? TheUnstoppableTaco
Sep 19, 2020
81 jakeraac
12h 9m ago
THERES NO JOBS! KaylaWatkins
3d 22m ago
20 KaylaWatkins
17h 45m ago
What do you think about Russian accent? Adoraberry
2d 12h ago
3 Belphemond
21h 26m ago
Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem RosalinasSoulmate
2w 3d ago
13 JCoolArts
21h 45m ago
Whenever I decided to suicide my eyes tears itself automatically... BigBoarPH
2d 26m ago
7 ClockworkMultiverse
21h 56m ago
My last ditch effort to stay alive TheCunningCondor
4d 11h ago
69 JCoolArts
22h 38m ago
anyone looking for friends? ehnouh
1d 6h ago
6 Hippybabe666
1d 4h ago
How to not let mean comments get to you? LarkspurBetula
2w 5d ago
53 MichaelFeckinMyers
1d 8h ago
Would you leave this situation or continue to stay? K0NEE
2d 6h ago
29 K0NEE
1d 11h ago
i feel like i'm just being petty but i feel so miserable rn xXC00LKlDSXx
1d 18h ago
4 xXC00LKlDSXx
1d 11h ago
Help with hope! LemonTasticAnimation
1d 18h ago
2 LemonTasticAnimation
1d 11h ago
Night owl to early bird Spiritaelia
1d 21h ago
4 niotabunny
1d 11h ago
I don't know what to do anymore Belphemond
1d 14h ago
0 N/A
living with a simple job dragontactician74
2d 9h ago
4 dragontactician74
2d 7m ago
i just need help Eilabeth
4d 5h ago
15 Eilabeth
2d 10h ago
Should I take the path that gives more money but have no passion?😑🐗 BigBoarPH
Sep 18, 2020
32 KaylaWatkins
3d 27m ago
I Keep Getting Depressed Because Of The Pandemic TsWade2
3d 5h ago
1 Mike-the-dabbler
3d 2h ago
is it weird to have a sibling that's just born, when your 16? JustALittleAmerican
1w 4d ago
16 Michelesthird
3d 3h ago
1 day away from 10 years' sober JohnandJax
1w 4d ago
9 Michelesthird
3d 3h ago
Me and my roommate struggling with each others' conditions. stevemacqwark
5d 5h ago
4 justamilk
4d 3h ago
I don't trust my friend's boyfriend Hiraikoneko
1w 1d ago
8 fanwell69
4d 16h ago
Won't take no for an answer... rockintheboat
1w 5d ago
51 Flora-Lynn
5d 2h ago
The sad truth about Toxic Fandoms The-Future1
6d 1h ago
25 Flora-Lynn
5d 2h ago
Boy help? SyrRose
2w 5h ago
15 da1withdalongestname
5d 9h ago
Movember Mike-the-dabbler
5d 13h ago
1 Armstrongy85
5d 12h ago
Girls and their hints =) MarshmallowSommelier
2w 3d ago
15 ewinsan
5d 17h ago
Some family members making everything stressful and miserable! Immortalcelebrity99
1w 2d ago
29 CrazyDreama
5d 20h ago
Do you Think I May Have Depression/PTSD? Solstice-Opal
6d 9h ago
7 CatharsisGaze
5d 22h ago