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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
I'm done with this fucking Earth WoodlandDegenerate
3d 11h ago
32 InvisibleSniper
3m 26s ago
FUCK DOGS peepeefart
23h 26m ago
14 InvisibleSniper
4m 21s ago
In Defense Of ProJared WareNetwork2000
1w 5d ago
471 InvisibleSniper
5m 24s ago
The mods keep tagging me in the Seniors forum and I can't even see what this is about olq-plo
2d 22h ago
220 GeorgeXVII
34m 19s ago
Shocking troll images Rhapsodna
7h 2m ago
4 Totally-dead
51m 23s ago
Tornado incoming!! Voidist
1d 7h ago
55 LavleyArt
56m 16s ago
"You're romanticizing shark attacks!" chaseawaythedark
1d 8h ago
27 Agent-Sarah
2h 2m ago
White washing is bullshit ReptileSailor
1w 5d ago
109 Mirria1
3h 13m ago
Erotic fanfiction of REAL people BlossomChloeFlores
1w 4d ago
141 Mirria1
3h 31m ago
when you "punch up" against a far more popular artist... KaizenKitty
2w 1d ago
153 Mirria1
3h 43m ago
Wtf is warrior cats Rhapsodna
3w 6d ago
38 LizzyChrome
3h 59m ago
I wish I were 5-10 years younger. Touji-01
3d 15h ago
9 Mirria1
4h 19s ago
Parmesan isn't vegetarian , why it is so hard to understand ? SweetNspooky
16h 15m ago
8 SleinadFlar
4h 8m ago
Bathroom Considerations MrsEnchilada
11h 33m ago
12 piggies-go-moo
4h 29m ago
Understand the concept of love Rhapsodna
17h 58m ago
7 Citrus-Chickadee
4h 39m ago
People who don't age-up MasterHoney
3d 3h ago
49 MasterHoney
5h 27m ago
Favorite s P1ayer1
2d 6h ago
23 P1ayer1
5h 30m ago
eclipse SpiritWolf5136
Mar 6, 2019
94 peepeefart
6h 56m ago
Imperfect produce Rhapsodna
16h 5m ago
5 peepeefart
6h 57m ago
Is it me but do people really judge your own creations based on what your fanart is smfagirlsdoodles
9h 2m ago
6 Rhapsodna
7h 5m ago
Game of thrones Rhapsodna
4d 19h ago
20 Rhapsodna
7h 8m ago
That anti abortion bill Rhapsodna
1w 2d ago
153 TeamMeteor
7h 9m ago
I'm Planning On Getting My Rival School In Trouble WareNetwork2000
15h 13m ago
22 phoenixleo
7h 57m ago
I won’t stop spamming this forum until you fucking learn to give up and simply leave me alone!!!!!!! AileenWuornos1956
13h 7m ago
6 phoenixleo
8h 1m ago
Have you two Learned now!?!? AileenWuornos1956
12h 51m ago
13 phoenixleo
8h 1m ago
Hopefully you two get this through your thick fucking skull. AileenWuornos1956
13h 14m ago
9 phoenixleo
8h 2m ago
My country is retarded Shadow-Ops
3d 21h ago
50 Redfoxbennaton
8h 2m ago
Why the fuck are you two harassing this other user!?!? Holy shit STOP it!!! AileenWuornos1956
13h 42m ago
12 phoenixleo
8h 3m ago
You two idiots will never learn will you? I deeply wish you would. AileenWuornos1956
12h 36m ago
4 morbidman187
8h 22m ago
Grow up dear zpnn and locodude6!!! AileenWuornos1956
12h 8m ago
3 morbidman187
8h 23m ago
A bunch of mini complaints planxtafroggie
2d 18h ago
12 planxtafroggie
8h 29m ago
My neighbour is a white supremicist... Psuedonoms
3w 6d ago
189 Mirria1
8h 42m ago
It seems like men have no idea how uteruses work Rhapsodna
1w 17h ago
116 Senzune
8h 42m ago
South Africa and bullshit dazza1008
1w 2d ago
46 dazza1008
10h 13m ago
The Irish Language is a Bitch to Learn!! ManictheMod
1d 6h ago
17 Citrus-Chickadee
11h 8m ago
Group doesn't let me make a journal! KuraiTsuki15
11h 34m ago
2 KuraiTsuki15
11h 15m ago
I'm sick and tired of James Charles. WareNetwork2000
3d 7h ago
46 slayerdude677
12h 16m ago
Hoes saying I steal SkinnyTrash
12h 35m ago
1 zpnn
12h 33m ago
Art without Mature Filter - A concept FloatingOnEarth
2d 16h ago
86 ZethHolyblade
12h 36m ago