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What’s all this Zzzzz stuff from Nikon ?

LisaLovelyLPA Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  Professional General Artist
I been mostly away from DSLR photography five years , except photographing my art, still hanging on to my Nikon D300 , I read about new stuff coming out but I skim read sporadically do so , anyone care to expand what all this Z stuff is about ? On another note , if I was to buy a new camera today what in the Nikon gear would make a good camera for an old D300 user ? ( the camera is old and me ) lol
Just looking for some clarity and get some photography chat going (smile)

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GameTrek Featured By Owner Edited Jul 11, 2020  Professional General Artist
DSLR, SLT, Mirror, etc they are all the same the fact that their is a censor involved and rules of light. In my opinion SLT is the way to go. But that still involves a mirror that could break. It captures more light then DSLR and allows for multiple viewing of the image. Mirror is basically the same as your phone but with the shutter still playing the most important role.

By rule all the lens you use ( no matter which digital or traditional camera ) you use work the same way. However in my opinion from my own usage I do see an improvement with the arrangement of lens for newer products.

Lets say you did purchase a new camera that could use all the same lens you had before ( put that in your mind ) all the lens ( and most of the products ) would perform the same way no matter what and you would only see a performance jump  ( that is marketed ) if you was to burn money on the most expensive AKA top quality lens for that specific camera.

Also let me be honest. over time the censor of the camera literally wares down and performance goes down but the notability is only when compared to the same camera new in the box.


Also stop saying "old " your just good at using the tool your using to get your work done. It is like how this guy in my college uses CS4 and it does not effect his life.

"Nikon CEO confirmed a new mirrorless camera equivalent to the D5 is coming"

Nikon D5 at the moment is the best of the best in terms of quality performance from NIkon have to offer. $6000 camera. Guy in my area found a broken D4 for less then $100 and had it repaired for $200 and now is his best camera. D4 was top before D5.

Nikon top camera ( from my understanding ) is the D850 series ????? In terms of well rounded camera.

I am still thinking about the D3300 I see in stores.
believeinya Featured By Owner Edited Jul 10, 2020
Well, thats their new mirrorless system ?

After Sony was left alone in the full frame mirrorless market for four years in a row and actually managed to gain noteworthy amounts of market share this way, now Canon, Nikon, and the L Mount alliance (Panasonic, Leica, Sigma) all have jumped into the same market.

Besides, ALL these systems right now suck, though for different reasons.

At least Nikon is apparently planning on releasing a Z6s and Z7s now, which will be bit better than their embarassing debut. They didnt said they will fix the rather disappointing interface as well though. But at least they now get double card slots and a real battery grip, both absolute nobrainers for cameras from a leading company at this price point, but nevertheless absent from the Z6 and Z7.

I'm not sure if the Nikons Z system will ever be really good. The problems with the cameras aside, the lenses are also problematic. Nikon has so brutally optimized their low weight they actually seem to underperform in regards to build quality.

If you absolutely would want to get into mirrorless, I'd strongly suggest Fujifilm X, which is "only" APS-C but actually already a great system already, or their G system which however is a whole different issue, because its medium format and that means its brutally optimized for maximum image quality, just like any medium format system from anybody else. It also means its very expensive, though they are much cheaper than everybody else that offers medium format (which for some reason doesnt include Nikon).

I recently had the pleasure to handle a Fujifilm X-T4 and while I'm no fan of IBIS, man this thing had better build quality than my Nikon D700, and that says something because the D700 is a tank.

The best camera for replacing a D300 would obviously be its direct successor D500 (well technically there was a D300s in between but that was only a slight improvement of the D300). Which btw is one of the best, if not even the best, DSLR Nikon has ever made. Just friggin awesome through and through, high performance in every area, great output, great interface, great build quality. Of course your D300 is not exactly slouch either, but you'll definitely see some improvements, in regards to better autofocus, and far better high ISO. With using external programs like Topaz Labs Denoise AI, people have successfully used the camera at ISOs up to about 40k.

When using the fastest memory card, the D500 can manage 10fps for 20 secs until the 200 photo limit is reached; quickly getting off the shutter and getting on again will give another 200 shots in a row at 10fps.

At this point I would recomment to check the used market for it since it has been out for a while and now there are great used offers which are substantly cheaper. But theres nothing wrong with the original price Nikon demands, either, if you prefer getting a new camera.

Cheaper options would be the D7100 or D7200, which are also great, though those are only semiprofessional models, so their interface is different. I think they are by now only available used.

Btw I would avoid the D7500 like the plague. My best theory why Nikon came up with this abomination is that the team which misdesigned five generations of Nikon One (Nikons first, now dead attempt at mirrorless) cameras, but never actually getting a camera together that made any sense, was out of a job and was now used to designed a DSLR instead. They brutally stripped the camera of essential features for no good reason and basically created a massively overpriced entry level DSLR. An abomination, just like Nikons One cameras.

LisaLovelyLPA Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the response. Appreciate your time. Good info.
I remember I purchased my D300 and a very short time later , came there D300s , I did not know all the details of the D300s that you provided , I recall it had video the D300 did not have video. I love pro like cameras , the interfaces are slick and versatile and I like the weight and build , the price tags are hard to swallow these days. I think I paid $1,800 for my D300 , it still works fine except the rear command dial works when it feels like working and the body is falling apart, I have it scotch taped now lol. I wonder if Nikon would fix it up and if it be worth the cost ?
believeinya Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2020
Unfortunately lenses and cameras are extremely complicated. Lenses easily have over a hundred, digital cameras many hundreds of parts. Taking them apart takes skill and gear and time, and they dont get better by taking them apart and putting them back together either.

You can study whats involved in taking a camera apart over at lensrentals, which quite often make articles about taking a camera or lens apart.

And I know that Nikon no longer services the D3 and D700, i.e. they are out of parts for them, so they most likely also no longer have parts for the D300 and D300s. In either case that could cost a pretty penny, Nikon recently became much more expensive in regards to service, because the photography market is tanking and Nikons profits have been going down a lot.

There are sometimes offers for D300 or D300s with low shutter count on the used market. I would say shutter counts of around 20k and no obvious visible wear should be fine for a camera rated at 150k actuations, and a good price for a D300 or D300s in that condition would be around $250. I doubt Nikon would make you such a good offer for a repair, and the camera you'd get back probably wont be in better overall condition than these used offers either.

General tips about buying used gear - best used gear is typically from Japan, because people over there are very careful and understand that photographic gear contains lots of sensible mechanics. Europe is mid-way in this regard, and the USA unfortuately is the worst source for used gear, with people somehow thinking camera gear needs to be able to take a beating.

Also, avoid anything that has apparently been used by professionals. Professionals know the exact value of their gear, and they tend to use it a lot, so the rule of thumb is you wont ever get good offers from them.

GameTrek Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  Professional General Artist
Nikon has a thing where they want people to not only purchase their lens but their mounts.

Take SONY. Sony can use various Canon Lens via the Metabones adapter ( and other licensed adapters ) but they are limited. Now their are adapters for Nikon lens to SONY. You can find tons of people with new Cannon Lens and Cameras working with older Cannon Lens and Cameras.

Now NIkon wants you to purchase that specific camera if not then purchase and adapter ( which they license out. )

I highly doubt they are special as with SONY and the G and G-master lens series
build of quality and usability.

what to look for in "Special Lens"

Elements = the layers of glass ( lens ) within the build itself. The more means the more clear and sharper the image can be. Now imagine making that portable?

Quietness is an attractive as many people want their shows to be recorded without sounds. Same with weddings. Especially with auto-focus

As with SONY the G series can work better with the cameras then other brands or cameras.

Point being Nikon is making tactics usage.


However this means nothing to vintage lens that will perform the same no matter what and relies on your ability to change settings on the fly.


shooting in a night-club or band performance


in comparison to shooting in bright sunlight using flash


Shooting in a studio

those are things you have to consider with lighting


You have to recalculate these things on the fly with vintage lens and lens that has no AF.

......................In my opinion if it does not effect your work you should not need to or have to upgrade.
LisaLovelyLPA Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Professional General Artist
Right now I photo my paintings not much else , so my current gear works fine. LoL if I get I inspired I will do more abstracts in glass and my current gear will work fine there too.

Thanks for info
pyrohmstr Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2020  Professional Artist
It's their current line of cameras. Just a letter designation. Mirrorless with a new mount.
LisaLovelyLPA Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Professional General Artist
I see. Thanks. So, if I went mirrorless and not thinking of doing so , my old lenses for my D300 won’t work , I suppose ?
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