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November 5, 2012


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Good camera on a budget?

ChaosEmeraldHunter Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I just got my current, and only, camera paid off last month. It's more than a little beat up and abused, and I've just outgrown it. It's a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS. Point and shoot, pretty basic. I got it for a photography class about two years ago, so I didn't really know what I needed or what I was looking for in a camera when I got it.

So, my question is: what DSLR would you recommend for under $500? I could go up to $600, but I'd prefer $500 or less. I'm not loyal to a particular brand, so anything goes. Also, I'd appreciate macro lens suggestions. :) I've never gotten into lenses before because I just had a point and shoot, so I'm not sure what to look for.

Thank you!

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Devious Comments

jatomlinson Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
I was going to get a DSLR but then got a Cannon SX40 HS. Now that I have this camera I'm glad I didn't pay the money for a DSLR.
SAVALISTE Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012   Photographer
nikon D3100 :nod:
MichaelRowlandson Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Professional Photographer
canon eos t3i, canon actually does a bundle for 870$ comes with a 18-55 and 55-250 canon lens.
also a monopod and bag thrown in.

Sold 3 of these today, thats how i know about it lol.
TimberClipse Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Wait for CyberMonday or BlackFriday deals (later this month) and grab a Canon T3i or if they drop in price for sales, Canon T4i.

Personally I say T3i, and then grab a 50mm Macro Lens (Such as this one which is fairly affordable: [link])
nonotmuch Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012   Photographer
You pretty much won't be able to find a new, current-gen DSLR by any of the major manufacturers for under $500. However, since Nikon have already released three new models this year, you will likely able to find previous generation models for a pretty reasonable price.
rcooper102 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
While not truly a DSLR it certainly shoots like one, the Lumix G3 is actually an AMAZING camera for the price. Might be something worth looking into. :) The only real difference is that is has no mirror so the viewfinder is electronic instead of optical. [link]

plus $400 puts you well under budget so you can start saving for a high end lens for when you outgrow the kit lens that it comes with.
Xcetera Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Professional Photographer
You don't necessarily have to get a new model. You could easily pick up a DSLR off eBay for under that price - the Canon Rebel XS comes to mind, and I'm sure there will also be a Nikon equivalent available that way.
KingStephenArthur Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Photographer
any new model's by nikon or canon are nice cameras. But I'm not sure there are any for 500, Canon might have one for like 550 and I think Nikon for like 600 at cheapest for new models. not sure on that though. I'd recommend nikon only because I use nikon and I know for a fact they are nice and all of the models are up-to-date. I'm not sure about canon but I'm assuming the same would apply.
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