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October 11, 2018


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Author beware response

JJWsmith Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
This deviantart user made a thread about me claiming I am a bad person to work for because our agreement didn't work out he's making all these claims  about me that are only part of the truth

I apologized for emailing him I only noted him twice asking for an update and when I told him I needed him to change things he asked me how much I wanted it refunded so I said all of it because I was under the impression he quit

When I saw his thread I apologized but he blocked me so I can't even defend myself on his thread

Devious Comments

akrasiel Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Professional Writer

Hello JJWsmith,

We appreciate your participation in our forums, but there are certain discussions which we feel are not appropriate for our public forums and threads which consist mainly of complaints or gossip involving other people are one of those subjects, and your thread here qualifies as such.

We’ll be closing your thread and we hope you understand the reasoning. In the future if you feel the need to discuss matters involving other individuals I’d suggest that you keep our site etiquette policy in mind and make use of your personal journal rather than our forums. 

JJWsmith Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
And I just paid him for the work he did
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