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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Literature Critique Thread: Feb 16 - May 15, 2020 SingingFlames
Feb 16, 2020
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Literature Forum Rules morbidman187
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Official Writers Block thread BeccaJS
Jun 28, 2011
708 IllyDragonfly
Oct 21, 2016
Do antagonists have to be bad? neurotype
1w 7h ago
69 passonart
28m 19s ago
I have no mouth, and so I must... think? Dancewithknives
2d 7h ago
17 passonart
41m 18s ago
How do you come up with a plot? Neiot
3w 4d ago
39 passonart
1h 28m ago
Sensitive question on sensitivity reading Tinselfire
2d 20h ago
33 akrasiel
2h 54s ago
Is there still a feature where you can upload an illustration to accomplish a story? mmpratt99
3d 17h ago
5 Sparky-Muse
9h 41m ago
Share Your Pride! SingingFlames
4d 5h ago
5 BeepBeepImmaDragon8
11h 57m ago
Post the latest line you've written, part 2 Chorri
Feb 1, 2020
128 Mrgreen36
14h 25m ago
Opening and closing credit music for the movie based on your novel hbaf187
2w 12h ago
25 Tinselfire
19h 51m ago
In what format would people rather read here? Gargratia
1w 19m ago
8 Confuzzledlion
1d 11h ago
Reminder, there's a trick to access writer even in eclipse BronzeHeart92
1d 21h ago
11 neurotype
1d 17h ago
The Abyssal Plain, Racism, and Cthulhu hbaf187
1w 18h ago
34 hbaf187
1d 21h ago
Any other fantasy lovers? EllieRodgers
5d 17h ago
57 EllieRodgers
2d 18h ago
Beta reader service recommendations? Harryasaboy
5d 19h ago
6 Tangiwai
3d 10h ago
Join a Writer's and Poet's Discord Community bettybrink
2w 5d ago
6 bettybrink
3d 15h ago
Hey guys??? What happened to writer? Effervescent-Dream
3d 17h ago
0 N/A
To you what is the most common thing writers or authors mess up on? Literallybeanie
3w 3d ago
36 KoooKus
3d 19h ago
Mythology Books Hunting :D NubesVitreator
5d 19h ago
5 passonart
3d 20h ago
Tryin te get my work out there/friendly feedback MidonLynx
4d 7h ago
0 N/A
Advice on Sharing Written Work for the First Time? TaeganCaeri
4d 10h ago
3 Tangiwai
4d 8h ago
How do I get started in making comics? jokuthepopplio
2w 5d ago
30 jokuthepopplio
4d 14h ago
Story Time! sketchydreamwanderer
6d 3h ago
7 SuitofPaint
4d 16h ago
Do protagonists have to be good? neurotype
2w 5d ago
342 achipps
4d 22h ago
How many books should there be in a series Armstrongy85
2w 2h ago
18 sezzac155
5d 5h ago
I am deleting all of my literature within a month... (PLEASE READ) DEPRESSED-LABYRINTH
3w 3d ago
18 trezetreze
5d 17h ago
Tounament Story Kisame-Abumi
1w 1d ago
6 Kisame-Abumi
6d 9h ago
Is it acceptable to write sex scenes in a book series aimed for YA Armstrongy85
1w 4d ago
6d 14h ago
French accents - yay or nay? Inky-Shade
Apr 29, 2020
19 InvisibleSniper
6d 15h ago
Need a bit of help submitting literature in picture form myriadwhitedarkness
6d 18h ago
6 myriadwhitedarkness
6d 17h ago
Brandon Sanderson on Writing Capt-Snowflake
1w 2d ago
6 Zara-Arletis
6d 18h ago