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Considering Making Prints in Future

sanitrance Featured By Owner 3 days ago   General Artist
Hello everyone. I am an aspiring artist/illustrator. I have been wondering about printing your artwork and what are guidelines the community may have? I don't have plans to make prints right now at this time, but if I ever wanted to create new work that I intended to print for sale in the future, what would you recommend?

- Canvas size (good dimensions for digital art)
- DPI (I usually work/scan at 300 dpi) - [scan for traditional work I do]

Also, should you keep physical dimensions (like inches) in mind when creating pixel dimensions? What are good physical dimensions for digital canvas? Any help would be appreciated :)

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achipps Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Artist that try to avoid pixels, will work with a larger canvas, the when zooming in the quality might be very blurry. 
A pixel artist doing nice prints would show details all the way down to the pixels, and their art will show great at 100 dpi with the other is a question of how the quality looks at 300 dpi. 

This website has printing service, and without using it, some can say I want that printed up, and they will, then they might give the artist 25%. With a print account the artist gets 50% of the sale. 
This makes it a risk if you think people really want to buy your art, but from what I see it is rare for anyone to want a print, but the artist for themselves, or sell them in a locally. People might not buy it if it is not ready to be taken home.

I had 2 prints done on canvas for $50, and I stretched them on frames and framed them for sale. While the covid-19 is slowing things down, I don't think anyone has even seen them on display. 
sanitrance Featured By Owner 3 days ago   General Artist
hmmm. interesting. thank you for the feedback!
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