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November 13, 2019


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What happened to ss0011?

LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm kind of sad right now. Someone I really like just deactivated. Does anyone know why?


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Observer14 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
Hard to tell if it's conflict here on DA (I've seen that), or if Real Life just landed with a resounding THUD.  

Yeah, I've had people I really admire and love talking with here, just slowly fade away, or suddenly vanish, and it really does leave a hole in your heart.  Sometimes they turn up in different places.  Having community is definitely a two-edged sword.
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Understood. <B 

She popped back on and I got to talk with her. 
PaladinPainter Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
all kinds of things happen, you can neva now
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