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April 16, 2018


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Arteza real brush pens. Thoughts, artwork?

Chernivtsi Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018   Traditional Artist
I got them recently, (96 count) and I am in love. No regrets. I daresay I like them a bit more than tombow. Tombow has crazy nice pastels though lol.

Anyways, does anyone have any artwork done with them? I would really love to see what you have done with them! Share your art! I am a dummy! 

Also, what are your opinions on them? I personally love the vivid color range. Its not hard to make pastels out of all the colors. The only thing that sort of annoys me is that you have to work really fast; as it may leave a line if you try to lay down the ink and brush it out with water later. Though to fix this, I dip the brush into water, and then apply the lighter color to my art. Or, I will draw a circle on a multimedia paper (It doesn't absorb the ink as fast as my watercolor paper) and use a koi water brush to pick up the color and apply it from there.

I also wish the bristles were a biiiiit more stiff. I find it hard to control; though I never really had such flexible pens; so maybe that just needs to be a skill improved. I am also not one for the dry brush effect; but thats more personal preference than design flaw.

I really want to try their watercolor paper.. but it seems really expensive. A small pad for 20? I can get a giant Canson 12inx18in for 18 bucks at my local Michaels.. more paper and cheaper since Michaels always has a coupon Giggle 

I was thinking of doing an honest review video on them for my YT.. but I mean.. they are as they are. I can't really complain about them. Some bristles are kinda frayed, but if you just pull them out; problem solved. 

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