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January 10, 2013


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Test a new way to make websites - 5 testers get a free domain + website hosting for a year

stefanlindmark Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013

We're a small startup company that created an online tool called Pawili where designers can transform their designs into a web site without a single line of coding. We came up with an idea that we hope will work out well and be compatible with the spirit of a creative forum like this.

We need a couple of designers to help us test Pawili and provide us with feedback. We'd like to understand what you love or dislike about the service. Ideally you would test with a project that you need to publish on the web anyway. We respect your time, so in exchange we'd like to offer you to pick a .com domain name and get the site hosting for a full year - both free of charge.

The process is very simple:
1. Use your favorite design tool to create the pages, save them as images and drag and drop them onto
2. Add links between the pages and to external sites, online using It's a simple point and click operation.
3. Select your domain name and publish the site. All the domain/DNS setup stuff and publishing is done automatically.
4. And that's it. Your web site will be live within a few minutes.
5. Optional: look at how you can create specific versions for different target platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Paying customers get hosting, bandwidth, unlimited storage and unlimited traffic + the domain name of choice for a very reasonable monthly fee. Pawili is supposed to be a very fast and affordable way to create many websites. can be used for making company sites, personal sites, event sites as well as landing sites and SEO sites.

To try - go to and follow the instructions to set up a site. When you're ready to publish your site, click the voucher button to pay with a voucher code instead of Paypal. You'll find a list of 5 vouchers below.

The easiest method I can see right now if first-come first-serve. A voucher code can be used only once. I'll just have to try to be as quick as possible and post updates as the vouchers are used up. What would be really cool is if you would (1) be nice and just grab one voucher each and (2) post a note here as you so other forum members can know which ones are left.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can reach me on Skype: 'stefanlindmark' or my colleague 'stefanoberg', or drop us an email at Our timezone is Central European Time.

I hope you like this idea and that a couple of you take the time to tell us what you think!

All the best,

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stefanlindmark Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Here's the list of voucher codes:

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