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January 5, 2013


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Fail to play DVD on my Xbox, help?

My Xbox worked well to play my DVD movies in the past. Last week, my friend living in Canada sent me the Hunger Games DVD as the New Year gift. When I imported the DVD to my Xbox, nothing happened. After searching online, I knew that the region code on the DVD does not match with my Xbox. Then my concern is how to overcome the DVD region code? Thanks.

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Thanks. Following the guide of the article I found, my solution has been solved.
that's quite true,for region problems,you can't play DVDs form other country or region to play on your DVD player. buying a region free players can be a little expensive. I just figure out some program like Leawo DVD Ripper can convert DVD to video, and it got video tutorial on youtube for how to use it, that's cool.
Just find the article titled with DVD to Xbox: Rip DVD Movies for Playback on Xbox Console on goodle. It shows me the guide on how to solve my problem.
pyrohmstr Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You need to get a mod chip for the thing. It's not worth it when DVD players are so cheap. I've seen region free players for $40
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