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November 25, 2012


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Drawing Programs for Mac OS X 10.8.2?

I have a Mac Os X 10.8.2 and I wanted to download some drawing software for it. Something like Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI? The problem is that I've tried to download Photoshop and it downloads but when I click the icon it says
"You can't open the application "Adobe Photoshop Updater" because PowerPC applications are no longer supported."
I've also read things that say that SAI is not available for Macs. Is there a way around the loopholes without dowload too much unnecessary software? I would really appreciate you guys helping me out. :)

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SearchingforFreedom Dec 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
All of the software listed below, plus MyPaint if you can get it to work properly.

I would suggest buying Photoshop Elements, because you can't go wrong with it, and downloading Fire Alpaca for drawing/inking. Fire Alpaca is the closest to SAI is terms of lining.
geekysideburns Nov 25, 2012   Digital Artist
Artrage, Sketchbook Pro (Has free versions of it), Firealpaca (Which is free), Photoshop, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, Gimp, Pixelmator, Clip Studio Paint...

There's plenty of choices for art programs.
ScribbleBees Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
You can use SAI on your Mac... I can run it with mine, and it only takes two downloads, one of which is the SAI program itself. If you have the program Crossover and then download the SAI .exe file, you can run it that way. I haven't had a chance to really work it out since my tablet is currently in another country, but just with what I've tested using my mouse, it seems to run decently.

I'm running OSX 10.6.8, by the way.
Photoshop, Pixelmator, GIMP
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