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November 15, 2012


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HELP ME! PSD cane be recovered?

KatCygnus Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Someone knows how to recover psd files?

I was working on this last night, I closed pshop after saving, but a electric failure (THANK YOU) shut down my computer

I wasn't worrien because I was closed pshop already... but everything changed when I open again the file on SAI to add new effects and stuff (I do most of the shading in sai because in smoother than pshop with my tablet)

And... now... it's only ayame (with her skin and her wings completely done) but her light is red instead of blue and... kenshiro

Kenshiro isn't there!!! WTF Happened!!! And pshop doesn't recognize the file :I

I'm gonna try searching for some recovery file on the pshop folders (i hope there is one somewhere lol)

The most strange thing, it stays at 70 Mb, but after saving as another file, it only haves 6 mb.

And that's all. Helps?

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nokari Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Do not save the file from SAI, open in Photoshop to see if it is okay. If not, download IrfanView (it's free) and try to open the PSD with that. If it looks fine and everything is there, save it as a new copy and use that version. If the stuff is still missing, then there's not really anything you can do, unless you've got another recent copy of the file you can work from. Otherwise you're stuck redoing some things.
KatCygnus Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! i use both programs to do stuff, but before the electric failure I've saved.

I've tried with Pshop, but it said it was a invalid psd file (something like that)but I opened it on SAI and shows me only ayame (the girl with the wings) but nothing about the demon.

*I've tried with the program you said, but it didn't worked *sighs* thanks anyway! I give up with that thing already xDDD I saved the file in a new copy and finishing the girl only.

Thanks again for the info, Irfanview sees useful anyway 8D i'm gonna stay with it.
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