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May 1, 2013


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Bosto Kingtee 19MA VS (the new) Yinova MSP19U ? GRAPHICS TABLETS COMPARISON

shahbazsekhon Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
Ok so, First of all there is a similar thread which was posted about a year back comparing the Bosto Kingtee 19MA vs Yiynova 19
But the comparison was made between the bosto and the yiynova msp19 not the yiynova MSP19U. Now I would like to point out the difference between both the yiynova models. The Yiynova MSP19 has 1024 levels of pressure and has waltop digitizers known for significant jitters, so line quality. Whereas the later released Yiynova MSP19U uses the successful UC Logic digitizers and has 2048 levels of pen pressure. Now my question is, how does the Yiynova MSP19U fair against the Bosto Kingtee 19MA which was a clear winner against the Yiynova MSP19. Please reply in the given order, that way each users comparison becomes much easier and better !

Both the specs can be found here


Besides the readable specs any user review comparisons on the following points would be a great help !

1. The lag difference
The bosto was better than than older yiynova with waltop digitzers but what now ? Are the UC logic digitizers of the new Yiynova better than bosto's? Or is there still a lag in the Yiynova model?

2.The reported viewing angles?
As per the reviews for the new Yiynova people have reported poor viewing angles. How does this compare to the bosto's viewing angles? As the specs are same.

3.Colors and brightness?
The colors of Yiynova are reported to be a bit on the cooler side, how does its colors compare to the Bosto's colors? As the specs are same.
The brightness of the Yiynova as per specs is 50cd/㎡ more than the bosto, is such a difference even noticeable?

4.Pen pressure sensitivity?
Though both have same specs (2048 levels) the bosto reported by users feels to be 1024 levels. Is this due to improper calibration and how do both the tablets fair in the pressure sensitivity? Which one's better? Or are they same?

5.Sturdy frame and build quality?
Though both the tablets are reported as good quality designs the bosto supports rotation in its frame. But this rotation has been deemed as unstable. Why is that so? And comparing the stands and frame between the Yiynova and Bosto, which one's better?

Has anyone ever had overheating problems with either of the two models?

7.Screen Surface?
The Yiynova has been reported to have a very smooth glass finish on top which can be an issue for some. But what I'd like to know is how does the bosto's screen fair infront of the Yiynona? Is it more paper like (coarse) or similar smooth finish as the Yiynova?

8. Pen quality?
Both Pens I suppose require batteries and have 2048 leveles of pressure but the bosto's pen has a spec of 5000lpi whereas the Yiynova has 4000lpi. Is this significant difference even noticeable? And in your experience which pen is better?

9. Screen parallax?
The distance between the pen and the screen has been an issue in all the screen tablets till date including the cintiqs. My question is how much of a difference is there in the input and the pen between the bosto and the Yiynova? As the Yiynova was reported to have a thick glass. And is the sceen parallax(if thats what its called) alot compared to the cintiqs models?

10. Customer service?
Which company gives better service. As there would be constant need to fix drivers as new updates for programs would be constantly released. And also the constant need to replace the nibs. Another note is the International Shipping, as I am here in India I would have no option other than to import the tablet here.Of course that would mean I would have have to pay international shipping charges each time I order a pack of nibs :blahblah::constipated:

Also note that the Bosto has a model with and one without buttons so you cant really compare the fact that the Yiynova has no buttons option as such.

11.Price Difference
Yiynova MSP19U - 600USD, Bosto Kingtee 19ma - 700USD

12. Finally - YOUR CALL ?
In the end which one's better overall. If you guys can, please include the pros and cons in support of your decisions.


I intend to buy either of the two very soon. But just couldn't find the proper user comparisons. None whatsoever !! Hopefully this will help me decide the best!

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shahbazsekhon Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
I ll be in US in the next month (holidays) so I can get either.
pyrohmstr Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Professional Artist
See what you're even able to buy. The Bosto isn't available in a lot of countries.
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