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November 26, 2012


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Wacom Bamboo Fun or Bamboo Create Tablet?

Hello all, I'm just wondering which tablet to buy as an intro to drawing or animating a little. I don't know which one's surface feels more natural, like paper, and allows natural drawing motions. I was always leaning towards the Fun tablet, but I do have some interest in the Create tablet. Help please?

Thank you <3

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Ah, okay. I'm still on the fence, but that's good to know. Thank you :3
SwtJennJennD Nov 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
I can't compare the two. But I can tell you that I am pretty happy that I bought the Create. Now keep in mind that I've never had an experience with a tablet, just an ipad. I like the surface as it is. It is a textured surface that does have a bit of a "paper" like drag to it. I am always worrying about pressing too hard because of it being pressure sensitive & the harder I press, the darker my lines get.

I do not use the buttons on the side, but I am a fairly new user. I am going to ask for the wireless accessory kit for Christmas.
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