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November 14, 2012


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First Time Computer Build

FrankSinatrot Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Hello! I'm building a computer and because this is my first time I'm not too sure how good the build is. I'm pretty sure everything's compatible but if you see any issues could you please let me know? And if there are any obvious bottlenecking issues help would be great.

And suggestions or advise would be appreciated!

I'm looking to do GPU intensive tasks like Bitcoin mining etc. And also some sound/video/photo editing. As such the build should be GPU heavy (unless I'm doing it wrong)

Mobo: [link]
Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 Motherboard, Socket AM3+, AMD 990X, 4xDDR3, 3xPCIe-16, 2xPCIe-1, RAID, ATX
Fits the CPU and 2 GPU's

CPU: [link]
AMD FX-8350 Black Edition 4.0 Ghz, Socket AM3+, Retail pack with fan, Vishera
I'm going AMD even though Intel is objectively better and more power efficient because I'm silly like that!

Harddrive: [link] x2
Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARX Hard Disk Drive, 2000GB, 5400-7200rpm, 64MB Cache, SATA 6 Gb/s
Two of these, I've got 6 SATA connectors on my MoBo so it'll work right?

Memory: [link]
Kingston HyperX Blu KHX1600C10D3B1K2/16G, 2x8GB, DDR3-1600, PC3-12800, CL10, DIMM
16 GB ought to be enough right? And I have two more slots if I ever need to expand

GPU: [link] x2
Asus HD7770-DC-1GD5-V2, Radeon HD 7770 Video Card, 1024MB, DDR5, PCIe-16, CrossFire
It's pretty good and not $400...

PSU: [link]
Seasonic X-Series, 560W ATX PSU, Active PFC, SLI Ready, Black
Should be more than enough Wattage and it's 80 Plus Gold. Anyone know how to calculate wattage requirement?

Optical Drive: [link]
LG Electronics GH24NS90 DVD Writer, DVD 16R/24W/8RW, CD 48R/48W/32RW, Internal, SATA, Black, OEM
Cheapest one

Case: [link]
Lian Li PC-6010W Mid Tower Case, Side Window, Silver
Cheapest one that came with fans

The links are to a New Zealand site cause that's where I live :p

Also using Linux, shouldn't be a problem right?


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Devious Comments

PR-Imagery Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Bitcoin is a waste. Fold or run BOINC.
Larger PSU if you're planning on running it under load for extended periods of time.
GPU is meh, for video editing a single 580/680/7970 would be better.
pyrohmstr Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional Artist
First things first with this.... that PSU is under powered. Use calculators like this to get an idea: [link] or [link] The asus is telling you what PSU rating you need while the thermaltake is telling you what continuous power you'll need.

So, that said, the seasonic you have there is enough power... but I think it would be a good idea to get the X650 for the possibility of adding more GPUs/other shit in the future.

Bitcoin mining is a waste of time and money. You will spend significantly more in electricity and hardware costs running this machine than you will make back in bitcoins. You really would need an efficiency-centric build for that to become profitable at all. [link] and [link]

Assuming that you can just double the rate of a single 7770 (which is optimistic) and an electricity rate in NZ of .16USD/kWh (which I looked up and is an average). You're looking at a power draw of 400 watts or so when you're running 100%. Even if you somehow committed a crime against physics and ran at 200W you're still losing money. Something to think about.

You might want to get a smaller HDD for your OS to sit on and use the 4TB of storage for storage and shit. I would suggest a 128 or 256 GB SSD.

Linux will only be a problem if the software you want to run doesn't run well on Linux :3 I'm looking at the video editing stuff as being potentially a pain in the ass with that.

Finally, don't install the LG optical drive in the case. It'll look uglier than sin itself. Just run the wires and have it in there loose with the side of the case off until you install w/e and then unplug it :p if you are using the CD/DVD drive often you should get a better internal drive. I also would consider getting a better case with better airflow. Especially if you're running these video cards hard for long periods of time.
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