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November 5, 2012


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I cannot turn on USB storage on my android.

Soriyns-Knight Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Student General Artist
I've had my phone for a couple of days, I had first used the USB storage to install a ringtone. I tried to install another one today, and once I put it on the phone but it never showed up as an option, I turned off the storage and disconnected it. It said on my computer screen that it was disconnected improperly, but the disc symbol was still on the screen, so I wen't and ejected it, but it did not go away. I turned the storage back on to make sure that my files were still safe, and they were, but I turned off my phone and got the same message. When I turned my phone back on, I never got asked if I wanted to turn on US storage and the original ringtone I installed was gone. What should I do?

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Devious Comments

AlooOooyChobots Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Artist
Buy a new USB. If it didn't worked yet, you'll need to fix it. And if it won't fix, you'll have to buy a new one! o_e
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