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February 23, 2013


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Playstation account/firmware question (Vita)

scorpafied Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
ok so here is my situation. im in australia and i have an australian psn account i have a reasonable amount of trophy and some killer scores i couldn't bare to lose.

however that said here is AUS we dont get alot of good psn titles. theres a number of psone classic games i want that are available in other regions.

so here is my question is it possible to make an account for a different region and log into it from here in australia?

im sure it is, but i had to ask. anyway im aware that the vita has a security feature built into its firmware that if it detects another accoutn being used and you have data from another account on your memory card it will all get completely whipped.

so in other words if you dont have 2 memory cards and be very careful with loggin ina nd out of your accounts you'll lose all scores, games and everything else you have on there. is this true?

anyway any help would be appriecated.

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