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February 21, 2013


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LazadaPH Review: A shopping experience like no other

kizs1969 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
I always like being updated on all of my gadgets. I think people now have a term for this, which is called “techie”. Probably because when I was a kid I never had a chance to enjoy what my classmates or friends get from their parents. I came from an average family. What we get on a daily basis is just enough for us. This is actually what pushed me to strive on my studies so that someday when I am working I can get what I want since I’m earning money for myself. I think this is one of the reason that my girlfriend and I gets into a fight most of the time. We’re actually on the phase of our relationship were we are thinking about getting married soon. So, from a relationship standpoint we are actually saving and combining our monthly earnings since last year. So its actually taking a while for me to sink in the idea that I’m now saving for marriage and including the extra money I get besides my saving which I use to spend for my luxury.

Right now, we have enough money to pay for all the expense of our marriage we even have save enough to buy house appliances for our new home. I used to buy my stuff online before we got serious in marriage late last year. So given that where actually looking around I suggested buying our needs online for our new home.

I usually buy at Lazada Philippines. I actually have bought from them a couple of times already. Most of them where electronics since as I mentioned earlier I’m sort of a techie person. What I like about Lazada Philippines is that they offer convenient shopping and most importantly they save me more money. Why? Initially, when I was still buying from traditional offline malls. I get to spend money on gas when going their locations. Also, when I come to think of it, I buy items at a higher price since stores based on malls add interest on their items for the rent fee. But with online, since its online and no actual rent fee is involved you get to buy items from them at lowest price possible. This is why I prefer buying with Lazada since not only I can save money from unnecessary interest for items I buy; I also save gas for my travel; I can enjoy their free delivery since I always buy above one thousand pesos per transaction with them. Below one thousand you are required to cover the delivery fee. What’s best of all is that I can do online shopping from anywhere and anytime I want. I pick Lazada among other online shopping stores due to their amazing alternative payment methods, most particularly there offered “Cash on Delivery” alternative payment method. What it does is it allows me to buy any items on their website and have it delivered straight on my preferred shipping address without paying them right away. This actually saves me the hustle assuming I encounter hiccups on the delivery. They only require their customers to pay Lazada once their actual orders are handed over to them in real time.

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3wyl Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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