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January 29, 2013


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Electronic/Clock help?

Inurantchan Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
I'm customizing a clock for myself, just changing the hands and face of the clock.
While making sure I could take out all the parts I needed to, I made the stupid mistake of dropping the back cover (a little 2 inch drop too..) onto the bed I was working on and one of the wires came off.
It is a Twin Bell clock but is entirely electric, running on a C battery. I'm not very well verse on electric clocks, but from what I can tell the wire that came out is the one that triggers the alarm system (it popped out from the part that attaches to the C battery compartment). The wire did not break, it seems to have just been dislodged from that substance that holds wires down.

My question is, how easily repairable is this? Can I do it myself? I'd prefer not to spend the money and gas on a repair by a proffessional but if I had to, does anyone know how much this would set me back? It seems too simple a problem to spend a lot of money to fix it, I'd much rather leave it as is. Even though I only bought it for that feature..
If anyone needs pictures I'll be sure to provide them.

Any help would be appreciated ^^;

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Devious Comments

pyrohmstr Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Professional Artist
Nothing you can't fix in 5 minutes with a soldering iron.
Inurantchan Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
Awesome, that's what I thought. I didn't want to try anything without some advice. Thanks a lot :)
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