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November 9, 2012


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Jquery Issue, anyone want to check this out?

ArchitekOGP Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Student General Artist
Hello everyone, so I am currently working on a new portfolio website. I love design but I am not the greatest coder in the world lol. I am having issues with two conflicting jQuery (third party) plugins that I have installed, they worked together on my old site but I am having issues with my new layout.

To understand the issue please follow this link... [link]
If you hover over the white squares an error occurs as the box either disappears or turns to text, those boxes are supposed to stay as white boxes whislt the thumbnail images show info on hover.

If you view the (jquery.hoverdirinline.js) you can see that I have it pointed to ('.da-thumbs > li'). This makes the jQuery create a hover effect over all content boxes with (li) tags. I need to either remove the (li) tags from the white boxes or somehow exclude them from the hover effect.

I appreciate this might not be the clearest question, basically I need to disable a jQuery plugin from effecting all listed divs while keeping the boxes side by side as a functioning layout.

Thanks in advance for any advice, also if you have any other bits of advice to make my code more efficient that would be great. :)

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Devious Comments

DavidScript Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The link's broken.

But anyways, you can always use basic Javascript to show thumbnails on hover. There's multiple tutorials out there that go over that.
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