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January 22, 2013


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I'll Show You Mine if you Show Me Your Recent Best

DigitalRipple Jan 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
Well, it isn't conditional just put up your best and I'll comment. If I like it A LOT, I will fave it and comment on your best piece. If I don't find one I like that you showed me here, I'll try to look for one I do in your gallery. Then if I REALLY love your work, I'll devWatch you. You are not obligated to do the same I don't want pity watches, but if you want to see more from my devWatching is the best complement you can give me. -___^



I would allow for more, but it gets too messy.

Try your best to show what you are about in up to 5 Thumbs Only and explain why it is you chose those pieces. If you have any special requests mention it at the end.


As a digital/comic artist I am still learning how to colour digitally and I chose to show these pieces because they are the shining jewels of my gallery. I am proficient at comic art and I hope to become the same in digital painting.

I request that anyone who feels up to it to give a critique for one or more of my displays.


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