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January 18, 2013


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Got some Literature Deviations?

b-nicoleT Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Professional Writer
Not many lit posts out there, so here's a place to post your poetry, prose, etc. I'll try to check out as many as possible and offer some advice when I can.

Here are three of my lit deviations. Favorites, comments, and any and all feedback is appreciated:
The Mouse- Chapter OneChapter One, Caroline Thomas      I'm soaked, starving, and so tired that I'm beyond feeling any emotion but stale pessimism. I've been pummeled by hail as I stumble through a slough of wreckage and the twisted remains of military machinery. I crossed a highway a while back and recognized it as the one my family and I would drive down on our annual weekend trip to the mountains.     And now that same highway we drove down at least thirteen times is littered with tanks and skeletons. I'm sure every highway in the country is the same. There were no organized evacuations in any state. Roads would become so jammed that, when the soldiers came, they just walked down the median and shoot people in their cars. Those people seem the most pitiful to me. I always imagined each one of them as honking their horns at each other, too dumb or too scared to just open their doors and run. The war made them illogical. It made everyone illogical.
Mr. Dragon and the Particle AcceleratorMr. Dragon reigns supreme in Silence. He donates crocodile smiles in exchange for Empty minds. He says it's best to live among ashes Instead of risking your neck chasing insatiable Mornings. He gives a speech about humility. And we trade in our eyes for buttons. It all makes sense if you don't judge And instead gush as college-ruled wings surf the applause. A disturbance in the frequency. Nay, worse: Words. A little voice threads through the cheers and asks Mr. Dragon to prove his prowess In a duel. "Step forward!" cries the beast, Masking his delight. And forward steps a mouse. A mouse. Lab coat for a cape, Paws twirling goggles fogged, And whiskers twitching 'neath a Benevolent stare. Mr. Dragon laughs and we vomit echoes. But the mouse curls his tail And waits. Four angels bring forth his weapon. And suddenly our buttons see That this is very real indeed. Silence. Teeth go clack. And jaws go snap. And tail goes crack. As Mr. Dragon spouts paper flames. He thrashes, He crashes,
Our BoyOur boy wanted to fight, For freedom. Our boy heard a story once, About a soldier who came home, And didn't remember the fight. Then one morning the soldier woke, Shot twelve kids and, himself. Our boy is fighting, For freedom. And he's just fine. He has a boy face, Boy blue eyes, Boy dark hair in tufts. A boy. No one hurts a boy. But himself. Our boy hears the Ch--ch--chopper blades every day, Ch--ch--chopper blades, ch--children rot. Hot blood. There are buzz--zz--zzing flies, In his mind. And he drinks at night. They never said how clear desert mornings are, In the capital of nowhere where his, Where his, where his, where his thoughts echo. And our boy's day is like every other. Echoing thoughts, Rotting blood, Hangover. Tasteless something, Slides down a choked throat. And our boy drifts Through marching In line To the beat Of the d--d--drum. And he drifts Through the day He is blind To the sun. Our boy gets to patrol. Four horsemen in a humvee, Five is he counts himself, Tro

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Devious Comments

Fisherella Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
Man's Best FriendAn Aqua Teen Hunger Force fanfiction with Carl Brutananadilewski and Hand Banana that picks up from the ending of the episode "Handbanana".

Hand Banana, the genetically engineered yellow dog with two legs, paused from his assault on Carl, a large, middle aged man. Hand Banana's half-brother Spaghetti continued humping Carl undistracted. Looking behind himself, Hand Banana noticed that his father, Master Shake, the anthropomorphic drink cup, was watching from the window of the house next door with obvious interest and enjoyment. It made the yellow dog feel uncomfortable.

"Hey, Spaghetti! Help me drag Carl inside," said Hand Banana.

I Kissed a DogI Kissed a Dog

This was never what I planned, not my invention.
I got so brave getting a tan, lost my discretion.
It's not what I'm used to, but stranger things go on.
You came into my yard, and got my attention!

I kissed a dog, and I liked it
better than some whores I've been with.
I kissed a dog, just to try it
I sure hope Meatwad don't mind it.
It felt so wrong, it felt so right
so that's what he meant by tonight
I kissed a dog and I liked it. I liked it!

Hand banana is his name. My crazy neighbors
experimented in my pool, and made this freak of nature.
It's not what, good guys do, not how we should behave.
I get so damn con
Spaghetti... the conclusionSpaghetti... the conclusion
Herbert Garrison, a teacher at South Park Elementary, was sitting outdoors in the park on his lunch break. He was enjoying a liverwurst sandwich. In the distance, he saw a dog. The dog crept slowly and steadily toward him, simultaneously curious and shy. As it came closer he could see that the dog's fur was sparse, as if it had mange, except for behind its ears and under its nose. The top of its head was completely bald. Its paws were very large, almost like human feet, with gnarly toes that wrapped around worn-looking, green flip-flops.
"Oh look, a little doggie!" Garrison called out to only himself and the do

Carl and Hand Banana from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
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