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January 18, 2013


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Drawing Jam: Pirates, Water, and a Diner

MurphysDinnerParty Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't want to put this in DrawPlz because this is something different and I thought it would be kind of fun. I don't post in here a lot, so this is my way of trying to get more involved.

There are a bunch of drawing jam groups on deviantART that usually give you a subject or reference, giving you something to draw. This is similar in a way, but a lot different. I wanted to do it for myself and I enjoy looking at other people's work, so I wanted to see what others could do too.

So here are three (figure, still life, and background):

The goal is to incorporate all three stocks into one composition.


1. Follow the rules of each stock if you decide to participate and make a deviation.
2. You have to use all three stocks in some way. You don't have to draw the stocks exactly as you see them. In fact you're encouraged not to. The stocks are here as reference for any creative ideas you can come up with.
3. No photomanipulations, obviously. Not because they aren't nice, but because photomanipulation =/= drawing.
4. If this thread even manages to be active at all, it will be active only for a month. After that month, I'm going to close it.
5. Subjects are weird and don't connect. That's the point. =P
6. Traditional and digital drawings, paintings, sketches, and even comics. :la:
7. Post WIPs if you can. Seeing the process would not only be cool, but could help others in their artistic endeavors.
8. Have fun.

I'll be posting my idea soon regardless. :dummy:

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