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January 4, 2013


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Informational Images

AmayaElls Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Character sheets, setting information and other such things, I think sometimes they don't get the attention they deserve. Pieces made solely to give anyone who sees a deeper understanding about something in your imagination are what I want to see. A max of three please.

The Void Queen


Appearance: While not exactly streamlined the Void Queen does have a smooth, shapely appearance which is similar to that of sword, she is only one deck thick which adds to this blade-like image, she has a slightly peaked ridge along her centre. Main airlocks are on the edges of the widest part of the ship's blade while smaller airlocks are arrayed all along the edge. Armament: Along the central ridge four railgun turrets (two on each side) which can shoot anything from scrap metal to ballistic torpedos and even nuclear devices. They are operated by human gunners.Two extensive armouries are located by each major airlock, containing a mix of melee and ranges weapons.

Propulsion: As well as the main engine bank at the rear of the ship which holds both regular engines and FTL drives there are many small but powerful manoeuvring thrusters on the edges and central ridge.

Internal layo

Character Sheet - MynaName: Myna Occupation: Mercenary Age: Around 24 Hair: White, cut short with hair spiking at the back. She has a long straight fringe which falls over her eyes, it is dyed black over her eyes. Skin: A slightly translucent looking white. Eyes: Very wide pupils with a thin ring of grey iris. Height: Tallish around 180cm Weight: Extremely thin, accentuates her height, she looks thin enough to be starved but no bones show as she has thinner more elongated bones. Clothing: Wears very light clothing, the thinnest, lightest fabrics she can find. She likes wearing subdued colours such as pale blues, purples and pinks. She likes loose long sleeved tops and loose long pants. She does not wear shoes. Weapons: Two small pistol lasers as light yet as powerful as possible, carried at her waist with a small shield generator. Personality: Shy around new and unusual people but has a quiet, quirky, sarcastic sense of humour w

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