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December 3, 2012


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Anatomy Advice: The "Hey Baby" Pose (Get Your Head outta the Gutter and just Read It XP)

Ruuku-Kabe Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright, so I'm not posting this because I haven't been practicing anatomy or because I suck at it. I'm posting this cause I'm working on a conceptual pose for one of my characters, and honestly I'm having a hard time making look like I want to. It's for a manga I'm working on, and I want to go ahead and start getting the style engrained in my head with this character so the character conceptualization/creation process won't be as much of a drag out as it is with this guy.

The link to the current progress is here in my stash:

I won't proclaim to be awesome at anatomy (and ignore the crappy placeholder hand), but I'm decent enough that I can create characters that look better than most. Not being cocky, just sayin. ^_^
My issues with this particular character is that I'll get the lines and anatomy right... but then this 16 year old, lanky freerunner from Kyoto whose very motto is "Stay light, stay quick!" Looks like freakin Broly. I'd like some advice on the best way to 'simplify" the anatomy of a character, so as to make them more stylized, I guess you could say.
And also I'm having a hard time aligning the center of his chest... not really sure why. It's never been an issue before.
The rest of it will fall into place I feel once I have some more of his form pinned down.

So, advice on simplifying the anatomy and aligning the chest center would be AWESOME!!! Yes, I know, I'm a newbie, and some of you may say "Just study your frikin anatomy more ya *bleepity bleepity bleep-bleep-bleep...". But as you can see I'm getting the general form down, so it's only minor things that I'm having trouble with.

Thanks in advance for anyone who gives me advice! ^_^

P.S. Also, once you look at the WIP, if you know of any images/tutorials/references that could help me with that finger point hand pose, PLEASE send it my way!!! I'm using my hand for reference atm but it just isn't working. So help with that would be awesome too! Thanks! XD

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