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February 10, 2013


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Calling all contest hunters! A new contest series (and group!)

axslayer33 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Deviants! :wave:

Come join the Mediums Contest Hub! Home of the new Mediums Contest! [link] What's a mediums contest? Read on, dear deviant!

Looking for a challenge? Want something new? Why not a contest?

"But I can never find a contest with a theme I like!"

Well then, Why not try a Mediums Contest?

"What's a Mediums Contest? :O_o:"

See, most contests have you draw to a theme or prompt, like "Fall", or "Draw a bear in a tutu." So I got to thinking. Why not focus on what you use instead?

Forget the falling leaves or dancing ursine. Be not withheld by your lack of interest in OCs. Create your best work with a certain tool (not an idea) like pastels, digital paint, or dried macaroni. Think of it as Iron Chef's secret ingredient, but you can only use that ingredient. Although in this case it'll be much easier to work with than some exotic vegetable no one's ever heard of. :giggle: Plus, for those who do like themes, don't worry, we'll have subthemes (i.e. Christmas) for inspiration. They won't be necessary to win, but they'll be there to help get the gears turning if you need it.

Every two months a new tool will be picked. You'll have 4 weeks to create your best work with that item, and then a panel of judges will judge it on quality, innovation and resourcefulness of the given medium (You don't HAVE to keep crayons in one piece....).

And now, without further ado...

:empllama:This month's mystery medium is:emplllama:

:squee: COLORED PENCILS! :squee:

It's that simple. They can be Crayola, they can be high-end professional, they can have erasers and smell like fruit. :giggle: But it has to be made with colored pencils. Beyond that is up to you! You want to make a '64 Mustang? Your significant other? A bear in a tutu? Go right ahead!

The minitheme is Valentines Day! :heart: Remember-The minitheme is not required, it's simply there to help give inspiration.


:clap: And now give a hand to our inaugural judges! :clap:

:iconnamenotrequired: :iconjane-beata: :iconastralseed: :icontakaibiscuit: :iconsamuelraffa:

Thanks again for all your help!

:trophy:And now, everyone's favorite part, prizes!:trophy:

First Place

-A 3 month Premium Membership (or points equivalent) from :iconcommunityrelations:

-A journal feature by :icondragonfly-oli:

-A journal feature by :iconsparklydest:

-Winners Package package from :iconanothercontestgroup:

Second Place
-A journal feature by :icondragonfly-oli:

-Package from :iconanothercontestgroup:

Third Place
-A journal feature by :icondragonfly-oli:

-Package from :iconanothercontestgroup:

Other prize donations are not necessary, but welcome. Contact ~axslayer33 for more information :aww:

You have until Midnight PST (3 am EST) on February 28th to submit your entries! The date for winning announcements is TBD, but will be in March of 2013. Submissions may be submitted here in #MediumsContestHub, or in a note to ~axslayer33 PLEASE MAKE SURE you link the group or journal [link] in the description-submissions will not be accepted otherwise. Limit 3 entries per person.

:wave: Have fun and good luck! :wave:

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