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February 10, 2013


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Fantasy roleplaying group!

hiyopu Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's currently under construction since we have to finish some stuffs here and there,
but it would be nice if people were interested and would watch the group for further updates!

The group has a simple shop system, bank, mission board and even a trade board. There is also a team system so it would be easier for people to get to know each other, kind of like a party/guild for your OCs. And it's also possible for OCs to tame monsters.


A long time ago, a dragon was born, and made an island where he could leave peacefully. He lived there for hundreds of years. One day, humans came to the island. They brought their families, their monsters, their weapon.... they lived all together, making the land grow into a stronger and more developed one. The dragon lived in peace not being bothered by the humans, though to keep things secure, he made 8 dragons to protect the humans.

However after several fights between the leaders, the land was split into 8 kingdoms, each being protected by a dragon. The conflicts stayed on for a very long time, each generation took after the past one, and so one. After all these years, the youngest generation had enough of these stupid fights, and so a war started between all of the tribes, and many people died.

The dragon, very annoyed, and worried about the humans, decided to protect them with the power of the tribe dragons. After 100 years of war, these dragons died of exhaustion and left shiny colored dust. That dust could be made into gems and could give its owner great power.

Unfortunately, the dragons life were not enough to save the land, as another war started between the people. The elderly dragon had enough of it, so to forever protect the land, he put his energy into all living natural things. So that one day, when a child with enough personality and courage would be born, the energy of one of the colored dragons and his energy would enter the child's body.

That child would be different than others, since his mission would be to protect the land. Though putting all the powers into one child was dangerous, so the colored dragons decided to spread their energy depending on the children and their power.

Many hundreds of years later, on that island surrounded by blue green water, some people are born with amazing power. Each one of these chosen children were born in the center of Hokori Land. When they have reached a specific age, they will get a sign, telling them that it is time to go and help the land grow.

Each with his own skill and specialty, travel with other to get his life stone's dust. In order to find these, they have to learn and finish many missions.

The families leaving their children to accomplish their destiny and gain their life stone. When all the life stones is found and reunited, the land will grow more beautiful and stronger. Although after many years, the elderly only knew a little amount of power that was used, but a bigger amount of power that can be used, have yet to be discovered. Someday, new heroes will be born and would have the power to help their seniors.

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macabun Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Its a group for Fantasy, Battle and Adventure :iconasdfghplz: COME JOIN!
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