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January 23, 2013


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calling all Tsubasa reservior cosplayers! Contest+Anime boston 2013

yuukihana Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hey there guys! ive had a couple of ideas like this for a while!, but since im planning to attend anime boston 2013, and connecticon this year, I say what the hey, ill try it.

So here's the thing. As i said, ill be attending AB '13 and CTcon '13
Both in which ill be sporting my Tsubasa reservoirs cosplay (syaoran)
Thus, im looking for a sakura, fai, and kurogane, even a mokono if possible! since im such a con loner.

Hows this a contest, you ask?

Ive seen tons of amazing tsubasa cosplay before, but a good majority aren't serious about it all, syaoran with black hair, sakur with white, thrown together costumes. I feel in the coming years Tsubasa cosplay will die down considerably! It'd be so sad if it did, and i wanna make even a little effort to stop it!

So, id like to hold a contest to find a crew for both Anime boston, and connecticon! Hosting a photoshoot for the chosen cosplayers while there, of course! Maybe even put together a simple skit.

Prizes being between

Best Sakura cosplay: 200-300 (undecided) :points:

Best Fai cosplay: 200-325 (undecided) :Points:

Best kuro cosplay: 200-300 (undecided) :points:

Mokono cosplay ?-? :points:

So, is anyone interested? if i get enough response, the points will go up! Prize donations (art, fan fics, points, etc acceptable) would be a huge help!


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Devious Comments

LadyKnightAlanna Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
I am the Fai cosplayer who just posted on your AB forum thread :)

It sounds to me like you are kind of looking for a group to hang out with. Is that true? A complete Tsubasa group could be hard to come by, but it would be an amazing thing to put together.

I won't ask for points or anything in return, but I would participate in a photoshoot at AB :)
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