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January 10, 2013


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Project MACHINA : Mecha oriented roleplaying group

Karrendaen Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconproject-machina: is now Open and you can now apply to it.


:iconproject-machina: is a roleplaying group created to play in the universe of Deus eX Machina, a French tabletop roleplaying game I am writing.

Earth, year XXXX, 50 years after the first alien encounter, mankind almost disappeared, countries disappeared, countries were created, despair striked the hearts of men and women all around the world, hope helped people to stand up to fight the invader. Many people died but mankind survived.

With the help of the Peregriss, a friendly race of aliens, mankind managed to fight the invaders, using the 'gods' who woke up with the coming of the invaders. To fight the mankind created the Iron Giants and definitely changed the face of war and the world.

Giant, Mecha, Mech, Golem, Robot ... Many words describe what mankind created this day : The most powerfull and adaptable weapon to walk on Earth. But what is a weapon without someone to use it ?

Pilots of these giants are now the most powerfull people on Earth. But what will they do ? Protect mankind ? Set the world on fire ? Bring the peace ? Become tyrants ?

With great powers come great responsabilities ... And great temptations.

For this reason the UN's pilot school was created ...

As you may have already understood, this RP group focuses on the pilots and their humanoid weapons.

In order to ease the game and allow you to have as much fun as possible, the action will mainly take place in the United Nations' Pilot School. An artificial island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, an artificial country where pilots are required to study in order to be allowed to legally pilot an armed Giant Robot.

Rivalry, conspiracy, friendship, love, hate, secrets ... This is what you'll find in the school where people from different and mostly opposing countries will have to live together. In a place where every event will affect the whole mankind ...



Background :

[link](Chronology of the main world events)

[link](Geography and World Politic)

[link](Classification of Mechas)

[link](Invaders and Peregriss)

[link](Everyday Information)

[link](Cyborgs, Androids, Mutants and Prothesis)

[link](The UN Island)

[link](The Important People)

[link](The Brigades)


Roleplaying :

[link](Character Application)

[link](The Rules)

[link](Investment and Benefits)


This is the kind of action and universe this group is trying to offer to you : [link] [link] [link] [link]


To join, click the "join group" button and put a link to your character application as a comment, your character will be reviewed by our mods and an answer will be given after a short period of time.

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