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December 26, 2012


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#Naruto-Loves-Korra is on Deviantart, Twitter, Youtube and Fanfiction dot net.

Lazebe Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
The group's info is at the bottom.

Anyone who saw Avatar: The Last Airbender probably knows about The Legend of Korra (if not, you should catch up on Nickelodeon's website). Korra is a high-spirited young Avatar who is much like a gardener that uses a katana instead of a pair of clippers to tend to her garden; she's headstrong, persistent, confident, and a little rough around the edges but definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to protagonists in usually male-driven stories. Strong, but not without her self-doubts or inner turmoil, Korra comes off as a believable, human character in the fantastic world of the Avatar created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.

Naruto, whether you hate it or love it, is an ongoing manga and anime with some great plot (even though a lot of it was buried in filler or iffy flash-backs) and a pretty awesome protagonist who has grown alongside us for the past 10 or something years. He is also strong-willed, persistent almost to a fault, and fights to protect his loved ones. He has many faults, but they are usually shown to amuse us, and his troubled relationship with his best friend Sasuke helps us realize that it isn't a person's unsatisfactory qualities which should dictate whether we take stock in someone, but their good ones.

If you like to draw or write, or create video (amv's or otherwise), we welcome any and everyone who wants to submit their artwork for the group/pairing. Yes, it's a crossover, but that's why I'm glad we have great places like deviantart, to make whatever it is that our imagination can bring to our minds a reality before our very eyes.

Please note that what is on the web right now for the pairing is scarce, so this is why I actually made the group so that more and more people would ship it. :) To increase interest!

So if you are interested in joining our group, it would be nice if you posted here first. Otherwise, simply click on my name for the group or look up #Naruto-Loves-Korra. Here is our info:

Deviantart: #Naruto-Loves-Korra
Twitter: #NarutoLuvsKorra
Youtube: (before submitting a video, please contact me on DA) [link]

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