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December 11, 2012


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New OC RP Group - Based in another world.

night-star-sky Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Student General Artist

"Welcome to Escape Nisi, an island off the coast of Ecree.

We are society based upon a mixture of cultures, trade, many classes and types of people. From an outsiders perspective, it seems like the best place to start a new life - the perfect escape.

But with society comes lie and deceit, everyone wanting that little bit more power, that little bit more freedom. Especially with those tempting deals that everyone is talking about. The gifts from the golden apples."

- - | | - | | - -

Escape Nisi is a relaxed roleplaying group that focuses more on the social side, and how that paves each individual characters story. Each character will contribute to the main story, it's path also depending on each characters choices and decisions.

It is art and written based, but more heavily on the writing. We use a forum for the majority of the time, but if their is enough demand, we will create a chat on DA.

We hope you look around and consider joining us!


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