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December 4, 2012


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Psycho-Yetu Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hello everyone of Konoha and more~ :3 In the nearby future, I'll be uploading some things like claimed characters, missions, rules, and more.

Claim Character: These are which character you would like to be addressed and rp as.
  Example: Sakura: :icondeiyo:

Missions: These will be simple or advanced task that you may accept in
order to rank up in this group.
Example: D-rank missions would be like giving 30 llamas to 30 different deviants. In order to rank up, you need to do this then report to be with a screenshot for proof. As a genin, you need 300 ryo (You earn imaginary ryo by completing missions) to rank up. So on and so on. I'll make a journal.

1. Do not god mod
2. Respect your kages, anbu, etc, even your peers.
3. you may only claim 3 characters
4. OCS are allowed (no Uchihas)

Godmod: "Ommggg my awesome oc can never get hurt, and even though he's not a jashion, he's immortal, etc etc" YOU GET IT?! SO UNCOOL!

Respect: Just don't start shit

Character: t's simple?

OCs: "Omfg, my OC is an Uchiha that escaped because Itachi loves herr" No
I hope I made myself clear.

Now, i know this is alot to take in,  but please make sure you follow the rules.

Thank you.

Chatroom: [link]

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