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December 2, 2012


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ANIME EXPO 2013! Free Hotel Room stay!!

HigPi Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Ok so anime expo is coming in a couple of months. My friend and I will be cosplaying lots of anime characters. I'll be cosplaying Luka crosszeria, Nezumi, Kuro (project K) , And saizou ( brave 10). She'll be cosplaying Yuri kamanosuke, Shion (no. 6), Yashiro isana, and yuki ( uraboku).
Ok now for the real deal *cracks knuckles* Since anime expo 13 is coming up me and my friend will be getting a hotel. If you don't know what ax13 is, its one the biggest anime conventions. It'll be hosted in Los Angeles, California. I know many people don't have the money for gas or whatever. So my friend and I has decided why not let not let other people join us ? I won't be bringing in people i'm suspicious towards. I want you guys to know that we're doing this for a reason. We'll have plenty of fun geting to know each other. I will also be getting a car on bday and only give rides for EMERGENCY, because really los angeles is full of cars and busy streets and gas not cheap. We won't allow you to call room service because the bill may go into my parent's credit card and they won't be happy people. I'll have snacks but you'll still have to bring your $$ too because you're already staying at a hotel. I'm guessing anime expo will be on july 1st ending july 4th I don't know yet but i'll let you guys know or you can just give me the date.I'm really serious about this and my friend and I will pick wisely.This is a four day event and we're going to go on day 0 to get our badges.We'll have a schedule on when to meet up so if you guys want to return back to the room.Don't contact me on here about the hotel, email me at
Yes the email name but i like to make fun of anime names a bit x>
On subject put 'Hotel' because I won't read unless you do. And i'm J'nai pronounced as jenay.
Ok bye! :iconimhappyplz: see you at AX13!!

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