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November 24, 2012


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Epic Giveaway contest ONE WEEK LEFT!!!

OdinsBeadHall Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
The contest is halfway over, and there is still a LOT of room available! Remember, there are so many ways to enter, share with your friends! I have A LOT OF STUFF.

I just wanted to emphasize that if you are ALREADY watching me, and you want to enter the contest, just comment here letting me know! Otherwise, I can't count the entries and I will never know you are interested!

A recap of the rules:

"Since I am working to gain exposure for my upcoming novel, ONLY follows from the Odin's Musings persona will be counted (But feel free to see my work at Odin's Bead Hall as well.

o Follow my blog an comment on your favorite story: [link]
o watch my DA (comment on my journal post, don't note me please): [link] If you are already a watcher, just comment here that you want to participate!
o Read some of my stories, and comment here about your favorite story. (only once will count)
o Follow me on Tumblr (send me a message, don't use the ask feature): [link]
o Like me on Facebook and add me to your interest lists: [link]
o Twitter: [link] and mention me using the #OdinsEpicGiveaway Hashtag (you must do both)
o Subscribe on Youtube: [link]
o Refer a friend to follow me, and have them tell me who sent them. You will receive one entry for yourself, and one entry for your friend.
o Feature This Contest in groups, blogs, or other social media sites, then comment here with a link with the contest (be courteous and don't spam others please!)

IMPORTANT: in order for me to count your entries, you MUST comment to me in some form on the social media site you follow specifically and say something along the lines of "I would like to enter the contest" or something similar, OTHERWISE, I will assume you just happened upon me at random and have no idea what I'm talking about.

Please note, if you have more than one persona on different media sources, please be sure to let me know who you are, and if you are the same person on a different site. (I.E. please let me know if Bob_Dole and ILIKEPOTATOES378998 are the same person when it comes to the drawing)

As you can see, there are limitless ways you can win! Share, spread, and most of all, have fun.

I am creating a series of grab bags full of my extra jewelry and craft making supplies (I tend to pack these things full.) I will start off with three grab bags. for each 50 UNIQUE people to enter, I will add an additional Grab Bag, a maximum to be determined once I figure out how much stuff exactly I have. If I get a tremendous response, (over 200 unique people) I will probably make a Grand Prize of a custom order, a Chibi Thor, Navi, or Yoda. Maybe even something unique.

ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipping in the U.S.A. will be covered by me, but unfortunately for International participants, you guys will have to cover postage costs. If you would still like to participate and win, I will be happy to provide the postage cost in an invoice via paypal.

Winners will be selected via

The giveaway will run for one month, ending at Midnight EST November 30th"

You can no longer comment on this thread as it was closed due to no activity for a month.

Devious Comments

OdinsBeadHall Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Bumping it up. There are only THREE DAYS LEFT now.
Future-Luke Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you able to tell me how many entires I have?
I watched you, commented on what my favourite story is (Ink'd), I have also posted a journal about your giveaway c:
Also, when I have time to, I will be liking you on facebook as 'Jaylyn Hess'....
and some people might have entered because they saw my joural... but I'm not sure.
OdinsBeadHall Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Where did you comment about the story? I don't see it either on the blog or on the deviation.

So far I have you for the journal and for the watch, I didn't see a comment for Ink'd so I haven't counted any for that (if you could show me where you commented about it, that's be great), and when I see you on facebook I'll add another, bringing your total to four~

Unfortunately no one has mentioned your name for a referral, so I can't include any entries for those. If you can poke people you know who may have entered to let me know, I can add more.
Future-Luke Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll comment again, it seems my comment didn't show up ^^'
(I really didn't know about the referral so I guess nobody came from my referral... c: )
OdinsBeadHall Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Got it now, thanks for taking the time to analyze my work, it means a lot to me :) I've tallied up your entries too
Future-Luke Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad I saw your work, it really is amazing and the contest is just extra for me c:
I'll love to see more of your work in the future ^^

And thanks for tallying up the entries, it must get confusing after a while, so I tried to make it easier c:
OdinsBeadHall Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I do appreciate it ^^ I have an excel spreadsheet to try and make it simpler, but my eyes start crossing from time to time XD

Thanks again, I enjoy hearing what readers have to say
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