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May 8, 2012


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Iavendy Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Pokeloid's aim is to unite Pokemon lovers who enjoy creating Pokemon Gijinka (Pokemon in a seme-human form) and roleplaying! This group is science fiction themed. Your character will join either the band of treacherous renegades in seek of domination over the humans - or a group of passive freedom fighters who's only goal is to find solace.

What is Gijinka?
Japanese term loosely meaning “humanoid.” Similar to a furry, a gijinka is an animal or animal-like creature personified in human or human-like form.

How do I join?
First, do the character application sheet. Next, hit the join button and send us a link to your character application in the comments! Easy!

x Questions x Choosing your Side x

It is now the year 2090 in the realm of Pokémon and the world has become that of chaos. The cities are grey and baron, buildings stand strong but as nothing more than empty shells of what once were… blooming and vibrant structures, bustling with people and Pokémon alike.

Looking back you can see how this occurred, how we arrived at this place. They told us we could trust them… and we blindly believed them. The ultimate power, infusion of Pokémon and people… but it was wrong. Disgusting and sick. They put the power of Pokémon inside of us, but we weren’t coaxed. We volunteered.

Not only did they destroy the purposed of Pokémon in this world, but they went further and violated humans. Now our bodies are not only infused with the DNA of Pokémon, but we have been ‘altered’ or ‘improved’ by mechanical engineering. In some of us, it’s only minor – with others have suffered the brunt of it and have had to endure being transformed into nothing more than an organism inside a metal shell.

Each Pokémon was infused twice with a human, once with a male the other with a female. We may look like humans from a distance, but when you see us up-close you realised we have the features of Pokémon as well. We may have ears or tails (like an Eevee or Skitty), some of us have wings (like Volcarona or Pidgeot) and others don’t have legs at all and are designed for swimming (like Dewgong or Mantine).

Whatever we are, we don’t all see eye to eye. There are two groups of us in this now hellish world – some seek justice, freedom and unity. Unity between humans and Pokéloids alike and justice to those sick individuals who ‘created’ us. But then there are others who seek to oppress the humans. They are either content with the way they are and want to attain world domination, or they want to achieve vengeance on those who created us.

So you now have a choice, which side will you join?

Lists of Available Pokemon

x Generation #1 x Generation #2 x Generation #3 x Generation #4 x Generation #5 x

Some Pokemon have already been reserved by future members. Feel free to reserve one yourself - but please specify the gender of the Pokemon.

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