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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Groups, Chatrooms & Events Forum Rules dekorAdum
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
OC RP Ppot423
2d 5h ago
10 Ppot423
2h 53m ago
Tsum Tsum Craze Lioken7
5h 15m ago
0 N/A
Looking for a small fantasy RP-group (kind of new to this!) (help needed ;__; ) Kurairo
3w 6d ago
45 Andi-Lyn
5h 23m ago
My female OC needs a boyfriend.. PmcDoctah
5h 46m ago
0 N/A
Duelling Club - looking for active members @wingsofwar-rp Paper-Plate
6h 29m ago
0 N/A
Come join my raffle!! remyrllus
9h 18m ago
2 Yui-Can
6h 39m ago
I'm looking for a group that fits these guidelines... Jet-Kai
3w 1d ago
1 RegiWhite
8h 59m ago
Role Play help..? xPichuLuvr
1w 1d ago
17 CurruptedCynder
10h 47m ago
Are there any GrammarNazis who......... PmcDoctah
1d 8h ago
2 PmcDoctah
12h 39m ago
Promoting my group! Dinker27
13h 8m ago
0 N/A
The Starling - Star Trek RP group gridbugs
3w 2d ago
8 gridbugs
13h 44m ago
One more member before giveaway!!!! Livuletta
15h 6m ago
0 N/A
About group member application notices... faeorain
1d 3h ago
5 3wyl
17h 9m ago
Looking for someone (or a group!) to RP with LittleDisneyMagic
5d 3h ago
19 TriggerJax
18h 59m ago
Looking for small RP group. ;v; Jiree
2w 5d ago
27 TriggerJax
19h 10s ago
Looking for RP groups <3 pastyllia
Jun 11, 2014
54 TriggerJax
19h 20s ago
Rp-Legacy group for rps,stories,art,etc RegiWhite
23h 34m ago
0 N/A
Log horizon based RP groups looking for help chaoticpeace1
2d 14h ago
1 chaoticpeace1
1d 5h ago
New! Akacya The Bounty Hunter... Webcomic Fan Group Shinkalork
3d 16h ago
1 Shinkalork
1d 6h ago
Fans of Transformers? Valin-Dastari
2d 14h ago
7 Scrapper-Girl
1d 6h ago
New Group! ErinHoneyford
1d 9h ago
0 N/A
Like many, Searching for an RP group!! SimpleSkunk
3w 2d ago
13 XruamarieX
1d 10h ago
New Charity Artbook! hydrocarboncrowns
4d 15h ago
1 pokeabubble
1d 12h ago
Are there any GrammarNazis..... PmcDoctah
5d 7h ago
2 PmcDoctah
1d 13h ago
Demon/Angel Anime OC RP Ppot423
1d 13h ago
0 N/A
Araëthen: Looking for Members! ;3 TheLionMedal
Apr 12, 2014
25 TheLionMedal
1d 14h ago
Fantasy RP Group - looking for new members! XruamarieX
1d 15h ago
0 N/A
Guess what... Looking for RP groups OTL KatxKatie
2w 5d ago
8 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
My art~ enzouke
2d 1h ago
1 3wyl
1d 16h ago
Rp Groups out there? Ninja-Artist-Zero
Apr 30, 2014
24 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
Looking for active rp groups to join Gummiehz
Jun 5, 2014
24 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
Looking for small RP groups c: Mittenn
Jun 19, 2014
45 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
Looking for a RP play Yasari-Oshu
Jun 9, 2014
3 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
Any original persona RP groups? Ninja-Artist-Zero
5d 13h ago
5 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
Looking for RP group.. :D AhZombiess
Jun 17, 2014
14 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
Looking for RP group to join! impala-221B-tardis
3w 5d ago
40 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
Looking for underground/criminal RP group!! Onlytruemushroom
1w 19h ago
14 TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
Role-Play Group - Everyone Welcome! TriggerJax
1d 16h ago
0 N/A
New group! "Hunt for new species" Dark-Kadabra
4d 2h ago
8 Dark-Kadabra
1d 17h ago