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April 21


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fllamjr - Concept Artist - Quality Illustrations, Character Designs and Concepts ($300-$700+)

fllamjr Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hello and good day! My name is Ferrari Llamzon, Jr., a freelance Illustrator/Character Designer with 5 years of work experience and a life-time love for art, jrpg/mmorpg games and anime/manga.

I'm currently looking for additional work to fit in my free time in-between clients (part-time) or if you really want me to focus on your project (full-time) maybe we can discuss about it and work something out! I'm also open for commissions if you just want a character in mind illustrated.

I only accept paid work. Please don't offer to pay me after your project has been funded, or no payment because it would be "good exposure", or payment will be in terms of royalty after the project launches etc. I've had the pleasure of working with awesome clients that have paid for my art even if their project's not live yet, and I think that's how it should be! If ever you'll pay for the project as well as add royalties, you'll be like a god or something! haha

Please read my commission info here, to know more about my rates:  Commission Information [2016]I accept commissions, part-time or full-time work. Feel free to email me here: fllamjr(at)   
Currently, I'm very interested and looking into freelance jobs illustrating for games (preferably rpgs or card games)
CHARACTER DESIGN (per character basis)
Waistup: B&W - $215
  Colored - $320
Full Body (simple/no background): B&W - $ 425
  Colored - $530
Digital Painting (Cover Art): B&W - $530
  Colored - $740
Sketch: $30-60 (+ paypal fee) or more (depends on complexity or at $30/hr)
Lineart: $100-300 (+ paypal fee )or more (depends on complexity or at $30/hr)
If you wish to pay me by the number of hours, I have a $30/hr rate.
If you have a budget, please let me know and maybe we can work something out, specially if I really like your project! 
But please be reminded that I won't

Particular work that I'm interested in, is Character Design for games. I want to expand as well as improve my craft and creativity as well as portfolio by gaining experience in the gaming industry specifically in Character Design and Card Game Art/Illustrations. Though I want to focus on the gaming industry, Book Cover Art would be nice too! Or if you just have a character in mind, let's draw it!

If you are interested in my work and would like to hire me, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any inquiries. I'll be more than happy to work with you on your project! It would be awesome if you'll be able to contact me e-mail, which is my preference as I usually talk to my clients there. My e-maill is fllamjr(at)gmail(dot)com or drop a message here.

Facebook Artist Page:…
My sketches/wips (contains NSFW images)etc. :…

Thank you for your time and I look forward to making artworks for you!

Work Samples:
Wahll by fllamjr   Maori Warrior chieftain by fllamjr  Cyberpunk Samurai by fllamjr    Hippie by fllamjr  Viking by fllamjr  The Champion concept by fllamjr  Cultist concept by fllamjr  The Forsaken- Cook concept by fllamjr  Starter Character Clothing by fllamjr   Outcast Odyssey - Steampunk Warrior / Dragon Rider by fllamjr   The Gunsmith Merchant by fllamjr  SCIFI Mad Hatter 2nd design by fllamjr   Alvar Zareb - The Sun Guardian by fllamjr  The Fairy Racers by fllamjr  The K9 King by fllamjr  The Librarian by fllamjr  The Librarian's Assistant by fllamjr  Old Man Portrait by fllamjr  Newsboy cap girl by fllamjr  dwarf sketch 3 by fllamjr  dwarf sketch 2 by fllamjr  dwarf sketch 1 by fllamjr  Mega Swampert sketch by fllamjr  Greninja sketch by fllamjr  Blastoise sketch by fllamjr  Feraligatr sketch by fllamjr  Avatar - Lady/Mistress of the Mist by fllamjr  Engineer mech head concept by fllamjr

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