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February 10, 2013


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DarthSkooba Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
Commission Rates:
5.00 dollars for quick head shot: [link]

20.00 for full body character. +5.00 bucks each additional character. One character: [link] Two characters: [link]

30.00 dollars for one character, inked, in a scene. (5.00 for each additional character.) [link]

If you are interested in a cover or pinup, contact me and we can work something out depending on the level of detail and if you're being published or not. [link]

Page rates for pencils are 45.00

Inks are 60.00

And finally I'm offering a 10 percent discount on 'bulk' orders, but please, no more than five commissions at a time so everyone can get a chance.

Prices will probably go up because from here but I wanted to get some of the guys and gals a deal for jumping on this early.

Transfer of IP will be upon payment received, meaning once the money is in my paypal or a check clears (I strongly prefer paypal, please!) then I will send you the original drawing and if you want, a high res scan. You'll receive a low res scan (aka webcam pic) thumbnail to look over before you have to pay, this is to protect you from losing money on an unseen project, and me so at the very least I keep the artwork for my portfolio so I'm not out cold on all the time and effort spent. If you have any other questions, please drop me a note or e-mail me.

E mail:

Peace out, be good to each other.

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