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January 13, 2013


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Open for Commissioning- Details Inside this thread

procon-8 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hello, I'm new to the commissioning business and I wish to make a little money to help me throughout this semester in college.
I am offering single character with/without minimal background art pieces that are all done digitally.
The category are as follows:

    Detailed sketch- $5.00
    Lineart- $8.00
    Lineart with shading- $10.00
    Full color with shading- $17.00

Examples of these and my additional contact information can be found here===>[link]

If you are interested and would like some art from me here is what you do:

    1.Contact me either through my email, tumblr, or deviantART as listed in the above picture.

    2.In your note tell me in detail on what you want the picture to be, what type of picture( sketch, lineart, color etc.), and how many of them you want.

    3.We will then communicate different sketching/color ideas until you are satisfied with the look you want. This stage is crucial- with the exception of sketches, once you approve of the initial sketch and I begin the inking/shading/coloring process I will not accept changes or do-overs!

    4.Once I have finished the piece I will send you a low resolution version of your picture with a giant watermark to show you that I have indeed finished the commission piece.

    5.Once I have a notification that you have seen the message, go on to my tumblr page [link] and you will see my Paypal button that says “Buy Now. Click on the dropdown menu and select the commission type you requested from me. Once you selected your category just click the button!

    6.Once I get notification of the transaction I will immediately send you the high resolution version of your commission without the watermark.

I am currently only doing 5 slots. once those are all full I will make a notification that I am unable to take new commissions until further notice.

*Please take into consideration that I am using Paypal’s Buy Now button as opposed to the Donate one. This means that I cannot (without adding even more drop down menus) require you to pay for half upfront. That means I am more at risk of doing the entire commission and getting nothing out of it in the end.
The reason why I decided to allow payment after I am done is because I don’t want you guys to pay me, and then I never get around to doing it because of homework and the likes from college, so this is more of a safeguard for you than anything.

Until I find out how to integrate the paypal button in DeviantART all of you here will have to do the extra step, and go on my tumblr.
Sorry about that :(

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