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January 11, 2013


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MLP FIM Pony and non-pony Commissions Paypal & Points

Frail-Ice Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Well um, I want to help my friend buy their meds cause they are broke and they can't get any and its bad enough they are too broke for their therapy or doctors. They are a rad friend so yeah ;u;
If anything buy them something to cheer them up like a premi.

Opening paypal and point commissions. Since points can be converted into paypal, yeah.
I don't want to do anything too expensive since I'm not too good so $1 or 100 :points:. Paypal more preferred.

Pegasus flying things: Willing to do these for an extra just like 20 points/20.
Willing to add shading for only like 10 points/10. Like, I ofc will add normal back leg shading but like other shading costs more.

Also willing to do non-ponies maybe (like Griffins or Dragons).
I also have my own style if you want a more unique style.
( sorry the anatomy and stuff on this is weird )

I always send sketches before completing so you can comment.

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