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January 6, 2013


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Wild FuZz Studios Open for 2013 Commissions!

Wild-FuZz-Studios Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013

Wryan (Quiva) Gallimore 'Beeker'

I started making suits at around age 17 after discovering the furry fandom was an actual 'thing' where as before I 'Beeker' started making costumes when I was much younger at age 12 at least. I've been creating lots of different costumes since my first partial suit in 2006. Now heading into 2013 with a lot more knowledge and my own style to share!

It's just me I work alone as one person right now but I work efficiently and supply updates when asked. My work is top quality and extremely durable. I am able to recreate other trademark styles, like Pokemon, My little Pony and many others!, at an additional price because I do not own them.

Wild FuZz Studios is in a PET FREE environment with perfect ventilation, no cats or dogs to leave dander anywhere so your projects are neat and tidy, they may take on the scent of fresh body care products however because my talented mother makes soap and body butters.


Ordering from me is easy!, theres just a few things to do before securing yourself a spot on the commissions list!

If you'd like a costume or pieces, an order/quote form is to be filled out for any pieces and a Measurements form for any suits to be made. It also helps to have concept art or ref sheets of the character so its easier for us to create the specific character and or pieces. a rotation of 3 view points would be key, Front, Back and Side of the desired character. If you are unable to provide a ref, you can use a Template from us to color and add too as you like. Templates can be found in the Deviantart Gallery here [link]

Quad Suits START at $1000.00CAD **enables wearer to appear as if walking on all fours** (Currently CLOSED)

Full Suits START at $900.00CAD add another $50.00 for digi legs on any option

Half suits START at $700.00CAD (head, paws, feet, legs, tail)

Partials START at $500.00CAD (Head, paws, feet, tail)

Hand paws START at $50.00CAD

Foot paws START at $100.00CAD

Ears START at $30.00CAD

Tails START at $25.00CAD

Head Forms:

Quad Head forms START at $200.00CAD

Foam forms START at $50.00CAD

Balaclava and Foam Forms START at $ 70.00CAD

Uncut Resin Blanks Going for $100.00CAD

Foam makes START at $110.00CAD

PREMADES GO between $115.00-200.00CAD

Balaclava makes START at $140.00CAD

PREMADES GO between $145.00-300.00CAD

Resin Heads START at $200.00CAD

PREMADES GO between $225.00-500.00CAD

Foamed/Eyes/Nose/Jawset installed Resin Blanks Going for $175.00CAD

Foamed/Eyes/Nose/Jawset installed Balaclava Heads Going for $150.00CAD

Foamed/Eyes/Nose/Jawset installed Foam Bases Going for $125.00CAD

Cut Resin Blanks Going for $125.00CAD

Cut and Hinged Resin Blanks Going for $135.00CAD

I Do Accept USD, but because of the Conversion Rate it may go up a few Dollars, keep that in mind

Once accepted onto the list I will need 30% of the final price to secure your spot on the list. This can be paid a number of ways. I like paypal, check, money order, cash or western union. If you have any questions be sure to ask. All of my prices are in CAD. Shipping is calculated once the costume has been completed and weighed. The rest of the payment needs to be paid before the costume is fully completed, and Sent
If you need to mail a check,money order or western union, send it to:

Quiva Gallimore
202 Strathnaver Ave
Selkirk, MB
R1A 0H3

Checks should be made to Quiva Gallimore

If the 30% is paid and we have given you a heads up that it has been received, you are set to go (30% is non refundable once you have placed it). You will then wait for an email from us giving you final details on what to do while you wait. Please give at least 5-6 months time for completion although I do tend to work faster than that and have it ready within 3-4 months, but 5-6 months is more the norm is problems do occur. You may request updates by emailing but I will be providing you with weekly updates and progress pictures.

I'am accepting All kinds of suits and pieces right now, so please don't hesitate to ask. and YES I will even finish or repair an exisiting suit from another maker.
Last but not least, be at least 18 years of age before emailing us for a new commission. if you are under the age of 18 please have a parent contact me first so I know that it is legit and there will be no trouble.

Thanks Fur stopping by!
~Wild FuZz Studios: Get your BeAsT On!~

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