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January 5, 2013


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Literature Commissions {Paypal}

TheKittenGavroche Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student General Artist
I think this belongs in projects at least. I've decided to open Literature commission for money, since I could really use it. Below are some samples of my work::


Things I Will Do::
-Fighting Scenes
-Stories About OCs
-Some Fandom Settings {But with OCs}
-Short Stories
-Chapter Series {Must buy at least two to use this option}
-Neopets Fanfiction
-Possible Fanfiction, but it depends on the series. The fanfiction can include your OC dating a cannon character.


-Short Story {4-5 Pages}:: $1.00
-One Chapter {7-10 Pages}:: $1.75
-Stories with Smut or Fetishes:: +.75-$1.50 Depending on the fetish. If I'm less comfortable with it I will charge more.

Time Before Commission is Done:

I have a life, as well as work. However I will get one story done every three days at least unless I give written notice that I'm dealing with something.

Request List::



Type of Story You Want::
Base Plot::
Characters Involved::
Personality of Each Character::
Smut Included?::
Written Examples of the OCs included::
Any Questions For Me?::

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