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January 17, 2013


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looking for commissions!^^

Tentakustar Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013   General Artist
Hi guys just trying to find some Commissions to do in my style.^^ if your interested please let me know!^^

here are some examples:

Thaank yooou!^^b

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arekluwe Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
still looking for commissions? I might have one in mind
Tentakustar Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013   General Artist
oh yes of course! Commissions are always open!^^
arekluwe Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
I think I've got my idea. Your style of color and shapes have always impressed me, so I think I've found something that would work well with your style. I recently found a short film called Noiseman Sound Insect (( [link] )) I was very impressed with the animation, especially for 1997. I would like to commission you to draw from this short film in your style. I can't really say what details I want, so you can draw anything you like from this film, I would only ask that it would fill up picture. I like your stuff so I'd be happy to lay down a bit more than the 10-14$ for the illustration. Hit me up on your thoughts, also...are you going to open the contest you mentioned a few months back?
Tentakustar Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013   General Artist
aww dude! thank you for showing this! that was awesome! it's stuff like this that really inspires me and where some of my influences come from.^^

I'd be happy to do a commission of this in my style!
I'll definitely give it a shot.^^

also for the contest, I haven't forgotten about it yet.^^ I'm just planning out things a little more and what not and things do get a little busy at my end.

speaking of which, i hope you don't mind if your commission takes a while. I get pretty busy at times, and i'm also working on other commissions. I'm trying my best to balance everything out. i've also been taking breaks lately just so i wouldn't stress myself out like last year haha! but anyway i hope that's okay?^^
arekluwe Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
That is awesome to hear man! Don't worry about getting the commission out so soon. If your busy, your busy. I still need to pay you through pay pal, we should discuss payment soon. I'm looking forward to getting things setup.
Tentakustar Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013   General Artist
Oh sure thing! how would you like to discuss it?^^ if you like me to send my email i can not you in a sec and maybe we can continue from there?^^
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