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January 1, 2013


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Professional Commission (Price Start From 5 USD)

whiteguardian Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Since January 1st, 2013.
My price rate has been updated.

And now i open a new price category, Reference Sheet.

Original Source [link]
My Gallery [link]

I'm a Concept Artist with 6 years experience in making more than a hundred fantasy artworks for commission art, game art or contest at various international cg forums. Such as characters and environtment/backgrounds. I can do anime, vector, semi real, and realism style. Art in general or mature content.

I have done over 250 commissions in year of 2012.


1. Sketch
-Head = 5 USD
-Waist up/Portrait = 7 USD
--Add 2nd, 3rd, etc = +5 USD
--Add background = +7 USD
-Fullbody = 10 USD
--Add 2nd, 3rd, etc- = +7 USD
--Add background = +7 USD

2. Flat Color
-Head = 7 USD
-Waist up/Portrait = 12 USD
--Add 2nd, 3rd, etc = +7 USD
--Add background = +12 USD
-Fullbody = 15 USD
--Add 2nd, 3rd, etc- = +12 USD
--Add background = +12 USD

3. Simple Color
-Head = 12 USD
-Waist up/Portrait = 15 USD
--Add 2nd, 3rd, etc = +10 USD
--Add background = +15 USD
-Fullbody = 20 USD
--Add 2nd, 3rd, etc- = +15 USD
--Add background = +15 USD

4. Advance Color
-Head = 15 USD
-Waist up/Portrait = 25 USD
--Add 2nd, 3rd, etc = +20 USD
--Add background = +20 USD
-Fullbody = 40 USD
--Add 2nd, 3rd, etc- = +30 USD
--Add background = +25 USD

5. Reference Sheet
Sketch 2 View
-Head = 8 USD
-Waist Up/Portrait = 12 USD
-Fullbody = 15 USD
Sketch 3 View
-Head = 12 USD
-Waist Up/Portrait = 18 USD
-Fullbody = 20 USD
Flat Color 2 View
-Head = 12 USD
-Waist Up/Portrait = 18 USD
-Fullbody = 25 USD
Flat Color 3 View
-Head = 18 USD
-Waist Up/Portrait = 25 USD
-Fullbody = 35 USD

6. Background
-Sketch = Start from 25 USD
-Fullcolor = Start from 50 USD


There are 2 methods to pay.
1. Pay half in front before i start sketching and pay half rest after i showing you the finished image preview
2. Pay full in front before i start sketching


- I draw only digital art
- You will receive the finished product (original drawing) by mail (HQ file, over 2000 px with 300 dpi).
- Please describe what you want with as much details as possible.
- I will send you the work in the process on every stage of creating picture till finished.
- For COLORING ONLY CATEGORIES, must send me the sketch/lineart file. I will only use/working on the same dimension size of the original file. Example: sketch file 800px x 600px, finished file 800px x 600px.
- The finished product will have my signature as author. The finished product is the client's property for any use that he/she wants to give. I have the right to use the artwork as the part of my personal portfolio. I have the right to post the finished commission in my personal gallery.
- If you wish to publish the image outside of the internet or to use it to make profit, however, that will require an exclusive or joint-copyright fee outside of the commission rate. I will not send full resolution files unless full/rest payment has been purchased.
-I will keep the commission record and if I see someone has reached the amount of commission for a free commission I will send a note to that person to inform him/her.

Any others question or need service that don't available in the categories, please Note me for asking/discussing.
Thank you for your interest! ^__^

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