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December 31, 2012


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nosebleedLady Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Soooo I have leftover materials from my school project/secret santa, and it was suggested that I make/sell the remaining shirts. If you're interested here's some info yay. There's enough for 5 full sheet designs for white/light colored shirts. Or ten shirts with half sheet designs. A full sheet is just 8.5'' x 11''. Depends on who orders first and what I have left. The shirts will most likely be from Michael's, unless you have a preference.

Examples of designs up close are here here here and here .
Actual shirts are here . Sorry for the terrible photos.

-Just some info: these designs are made in Photoshop, printed out on special paper, and then ironed on the shirts. It's not actually printed into the shirt, to make things clear.
-Nothing inappropriate/no nudes/no wizard swears
-Not too clear on copyright issues just yet, so I'll stick with original ideas/characters/concepts etc.
-Specify if you want the design die-cut (all the examples are) or to actually be a block.
-Style will most likely be similar to the other examples seen

1. Full Sheet Designs
- Color $30
-B/W $25
2. Half Sheet Designs
- Color $25
-B/W $20
3. Extras- (there's always extra printing space on the sheets, so I can print out little patches you can iron on whatever clothing things and stuff. Also customizable)
- $2 all around (mind you the size can vary, so don't expect a palm sized patch. Maybe more like a half or third or fourth of a palm)
- Instructions and ironing paper will be sent along too.

-Hm, shipping and handling depends where you are (US only), so $4 +
-Payment is upfront through PayPal yep
-If you're interested or have questions feel welcome to send me a note :]


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