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December 27, 2012


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Opening for commissions!

jeffreymunoz Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hey Guys I really hope you give this guy :D a chance! I will be honored but recently this month, I was working overnight and it really sucked! I was about to hit three years. This job stopped me alot from drawing so there were days I didn't go to sleep just to get drawings and the webcomic done MAN! Anyways, I want to also get my mom her present and help her out with money issues but I can't and I was wondering if you guys would help me out a bit! I will really appreciate it. Some people around me didn't believe this commission thing wouldn't work and I said it will! I'm really looking forward to drawing your characters, or characters you want to seen drawn. The other day I told my mom, all I want to do is draw as my job and when that day comes you don't have to pay one bill. I made her happy for saying that Haha :D Im such a momma's boy but you gotta stay positive right! Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions sent me a note too! I'll be glad to answer!
Please feel free to note me! you can read the commish info at the bottom and Enjoy!

I'll give a free character for each of these! So now you can have two!

Sketches from waist up $10

Full Body Sketches $15

$35 Full Colored Sketch ( could be waist or full body )

Here is my Commission Info! :D
Sketches could be done digital or traditional and same applies to the lines. The colors will be done in Photoshop. The commissions can only be characters that have been created already or your own characters. I will do the full colored ones with a simple background and when it is done I will be email it to you. Please read the rules below! If you are interested please feel free to shoot me a note. I will be using Paypal ( thank god for paypal! ) the email address is

Also since Christmas just passed I wanted to do a little something! If you buy two sketches you get a Color Sketch commission! yippie!

1. Supply me with the references of your characters that you would like commissioned.

2. If there is a specific pose you want this person to be in let me know other wise I'll just come up with the pose myself

3. I must receive $5 of payment before and then upon completion the rest is paid.

4. I will try to get the commission done as soon as I can but if you need it by a certain time make sure you let me know. We don't want an angry mob!

hope you guys te gusta!

- Jeffrey Chewlo Munoz

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