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December 23, 2012


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Commissions Open! [animals & anthros]

nicetints Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
to read the journal [link]

What will I draw?
-mammal characters (canines [dogs & wolves, etc.], felines [housecats & big cats], hybrids & original species, note me for others).
-anthro characters (no nudes, but sexy is possible if you so desire).
-dragons & fantasy characters, depending on the complexity.
-just note me if you have any questions, we'll work something out!
Note that it will be done in my style, no absolute realism, anime or absolute cartoon.

Prices (digital art)
Paypal only, & payment BEFORE I start.

Sketches (example: [link] )
10 USD, +5 USD per character

Colored and/or shaded characters [link]
15 USD, +5 USD per character

Backgrounds (example: [link] )
+10 USD (backgrounds are free in sketches, but, of course, will just be sketched)

Just note me with what you'd like! Send me good references of your character(s) or other things you request. I'll first judge whether or not I'm capable of doing it, and I will let you know what I decide.
Don't expect me to accept your request right away; I would hate to accept and come to find that I cannot complete your request to the best of my efforts.

Once I've accepted, I will request payment. Once I've been paid, I will start!

Please keep in mind that I'm a college student and I need to eat and pay for gas, too. Currently, I'm on a break between semesters, so now would be the best time to commission me. ;)
[although, remember I do have a life and troubles ><; I will do my best to be speedy!]

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