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December 23, 2012


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$35 FULLBODY VECTOR CG ARTWORK ~ Holiday Pricing! Enjoy!

Im offering full body vector pieces while on break from work. They're $35 a piece - a great value - because not only are you getting a one of a kind piece of work, but you can have your piece produced at virtually any size. Pieces are great for printing large or simply admiring on screen.

Fullbody in Color - $35/USD (Please no large quantity orders - I will only be offering work at this price for a limited time)

Paypal ONLY / USD
You will be sent a smaller,watermarked piece for review. Payment is due before larger, un-watermarked piece is delivered. Payment can also be sent anytime prior and refunded if needed.

Please also 1-2 week for delivery. If delays incur I will contact you via deviant art. Please allow adequate time for completion if you are on the waiting list.

What you get:
1 Illustration - .PNG format* Sized ~1500x800px or larger**


*Other formats I can include upon request: JPEG, TIFF, Flattened-PDF
** Dimensions will vary depending on pose, for a larger size, simply request.


NOTE ME OR POST IF INTERESTED! Thank you for your interest!


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